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Covered California Facing Huge Computer Glitches

Covered California Facing Huge Computer Glitches

Obamacare chickens are now coming home to roost

Kemberlee just reported that country’s largest health insurer will stop participating in some Obamacare markets and that 12 of 23 state exchanges have closed.

Covered California, touted as the most successful state exchange, is now experiencing a significant technical glitch that is jeopardizing the health of pregnant women and their unborn children.

Due to a computer error, pregnant women are dropped from their Covered California coverage when they report their condition, and are transferred automatically to Medi-Cal (which is not taken by many doctors).

Inez Whitlow uses a ranch in Elk Grove as her office for an organization she started in 1998 helping pregnant women and teens in crisis. She says a recent problem with Covered California is making it difficult for her clients when it comes to their medical care.

“I just got off the phone call with one of my girls and she said, ‘Hey they won’t see me at the doctor anymore,’” she said.

…Whitlow says it’s happened to a number of her clients in the past few months.

“What then we find is these girls decide not to go to a doctor,” she said. “So now we have them not going to prenatal care.”

But that is not the only technical problem associated with the Golden State’s Obamacare exchange. Federal investigators found significant cybersecurity weaknesses in the health insurance websites of California and two other state exchanges that could enable hackers to get their hands on the personal information about hundreds of thousands of people.

…[A] spokesman for the state’s exchange, Roy Kennedy, would not say how Covered California was addressing the problems, citing security concerns. He pointed instead to a letter sent in October to members of Congress.

Covered California Executive Director Peter Lee said there have been no successful breaches of website security. However, he said personal information may have been exposed in a few instances because of human error or other mistakes.

…Since the GAO audit, Lee’s letter said, Covered California conducts more frequent scans to identify threats, and any critical findings will be immediately fixed.

But beyond the computer issues, there is even more trouble ahead. California’s insurance exchange is threatening to cut hospitals from its networks for poor performance or high costs.

The California Hospital Association said the exchange is moving too fast and acting too much like a regulator.

“The devil is in the details, and the rapidity of this concerns us,” said Dr. David Perrott, chief medical officer at the state hospital trade group.

“We understand value-based purchasing is here in some form and we do not oppose that. But Covered California is charging ahead with this assessment and trying to figure out the answers when it hasn’t been worked out.”

California physicians warn that the exchange’s proposal could further reduce networks that already are too thin for patients.

All of these issues were predicted by Tea Party groups during our 2009 protests attempting to stop passage of Obamacare.

Now, the Obamacare chickens are beginning to come home to roost…and they they just laid a big egg on Covered California.


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All of these issues were predicted by Tea Party groups during our 2009 protests attempting to stop passage of Obamacare.

Ask me how California is doing post Prison Realignment and Prop 47 … (crime is up 21%)


I’m so tired of people ignoring the obvious because “compassion” trumps reality.

“I fought the (economics) law, and the law won…”

When you do that, you don’t get a trial…just the sentence.

inspectorudy | April 23, 2016 at 3:26 pm

Glitch my ass! This was how obamacare was going to save $2500 per family per year. This was a planned move that they were set to use until someone found out about it or the money started to run out. Now both have popped up and there is no escape. Can you just imagine being able to dump all of the pregnancies onto California MediCaid! Th8ink of all the money Covered CAl would save and how MediCaid would be blamed for all of the shortfall in money and coverage.

HOPE we Change private insurance to single payer is what obama would have said if he would have told the truth.
But why start telling the truth when his propaganda has served the dem party so well.

“What then we find is these girls decide not to go to a doctor,” she said. “So now we have them not going to prenatal care.”

Sounds like being a parent should go well for these girls…

Thank heavens computer errors exist! Otherwise, they’d have had to invent them.

Hey, wait … they did invent them!

The dream of the ages … the Universal Excuse. One that never gets old!

Throw more money at it.

That’ll fix it.

While I hate Obamacare, this is not really one of those things that can be laid at the feet of Obamacare.

For many examples of such software failures, which are even more disaterous read Robert Glass’s Software in Crisis . you’ll learn a lot more about problem software projects, many of which take companies into bankruptcy. Though we’ve learned a lot since that book, management insists on undermining the improvement by using H1B to hire a million cheap monkeys instead of one Shakespeare.