Trump Acolyte Roger Stone was booted off CNN for good after sending a few less than appropriate tweets about network employees in February.

Politico reported:

“He will no longer appear as a guest on CNN,” a spokesperson told POLITICO.

Stone had made disparaging remarks on Twitter about CNN political analyst Ana Navarro that were recently highlighted by Media Matters, a media watchdog group founded by Hillary Clinton ally David Brock.

Stone sent out tweets over the past few days calling Navarro, who was a Jeb Bush supporter, “Entitled Diva Bitch,” “Borderline retarded” and “‘dumber than dog s—.” He also tweeted about Navarro in December, saying she reminded him of a “rabid pekinese.”

He previously called Navarro and former contributor Roland Martin “quota hires” for the network.

This week, MSNBC joined the “Ban Stone” party, announcing they too have blacklisted Stone.

Mediaite reported:

Viewers of Monday’s With All Due Respect on MSNBC my have noticed a peculiar edit made part-way through the broadcast. The show, which originally airs in the afternoons on Bloomberg and is hosted by John Heilemann and Mark Halperin, interviewed crude Donald Trump supporter Roger Stone on Monday. The sit-down was essentially cut from the re-air version at 6 p.m. ET on MSNBC, while network host Steve Kornacki interrupted to cut to a live feed of a John Kasich campaign event.

When Media Matters noticed the keen edit, a network spokesperson confirmed that the move was intentional. And now, MSNBC has confirmed that the controversial Stone is banned from appearing on the network in any capacity.

Roger Stone is routinely licentious. It’s what he does. He says the things his candidates cannot. The former Nixon henchman and dirty campaign pioneer is no longer officially with the Trump campaign, but is still working in Trump’s interests. Essentially, Stone is to Trump what James Carville is the Clinton’s.

Earlier this month, Stone went so far as to invoke Bill Ayers’ 1969 Day of Rage to protect Trump’s supposed claim to the Republican presidential nomination.

MRC President Brent Bozzell applauded CNN and MSNBC for their decisions:

“CNN and MSNBC should be applauded for banning Roger Stone from their airwaves. Stone’s recent threats to intimidate delegates at the Republican Convention by broadcasting their hotel rooms and his long history of incendiary and offensive rhetoric add no value to the national discourse. Agree with them or not, Trump’s surrogates are fine people. But Stone is a thug who relishes personal insults, character assassination, and offensive gestapo-like tactics that should be unequivocally dismissed by civil society, most especially those who might give him a platform from which to spew his hatred.

“The news media have for far too long ignored Stone’s inflammatory words. I hope all media outlets that lament the debasement of political dialogue and the gutter politics for which Stone is infamous follow the lead of CNN and MSNBC. The media should shun him. He is the David Duke of politics. Those with whom he is affiliated should denounce him in no uncertain terms.”

He might be a foul-mouthed rabble-rouser, but Stone has a killer men’s style blog.

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