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Why did Liz Warren pick a fight with Trump now?

Why did Liz Warren pick a fight with Trump now?

Proving her worthiness for the throne if Hillary taken down by legal troubles.

Elizabeth Warren is on the, er, attack against Donald Trump, who slashed back by mocking Warren’s false appropriation of Indian identity to try to advance her career.

The back and forth begs the real question, which is why did Warren decide to launch a tirade now against Trump?

Trump has been being Trump at least since last summer. If Warren wanted to go ballistic on him, there were plenty of earlier opportunities.

My theory of Warren is that she would have crushed Hillary.

Warren must be kicking herself to see her mini-me, Bernie Sanders, making a good run of it. That could have been her.

People like Bill Maher were ready to kiss her ring.

But Warren didn’t have the guts to go it alone against the Clinton machine. Instead she would wait for Hillary to fall of her own weight from the email scandal, then swoop in to save the Party.

That plan ran afoul because when Hillary falls, Bernie will be there to lay claim to the throne. That’s why he soldiers on, to box out others who surely will try to butt in, such as Joe Biden. And Elizabeth Warren.

Holly Robichaud in The Boston Herald sees Warren’s opportunism perceptive in her attacks on Trump, Elizabeth Warren’s Trump attack hints at Dem Plan B:

… Will the Democratic National Committee run a candidate under indictment? It’s always a possibility, especially with Hillary’s ability to falsely blame the “right wing conspiracy” for the Clintons’ misdeeds.

However, there are many who believe the DNC will replace Hillary at the convention if she is indicted.

Obviously, our U.S. Sen. Elizabeth Warren is hoping so. Why else would she attack Donald Trump last week?

Certainly Warren has seen other attackers, including the pope, lose the debate to Trump…. It took him only a nanosecond to retort that Warren faked Indian heritage to advance her career.

Warren wasn’t tweeting gibes at Trump to stand up for women or anybody else…. We are left to conclude that Warren is starting to position herself. Either she wants the top spot or to be Vice President Joe Biden’s running mate.

Warren had an opportunity to be the Democratic Nominee. Would have been a cakewalk.

Instead, she has to hope for a miracle — Hillary gets indicted or at least and FBI criminal referral.

And Warren’s ability that she is the only one tough enough to confront Republicans.

[Note to Readers: This post was drafted while sitting in a Chik-fil-A in Chicago. Excuse any grease stains. I think it’s the location protested in this video we prepared; low-level fencing outside looks the same.]


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I’ve got the flu. No more talk about tasty chicken sandwiches. lol.

She doesn’t have the heart or the spirit to go after Trump. The funniest part? If she gets the nom she’ll win the vote on every rez. Only people who vote more reliably democrat than African Americans.

*lol* she likely plans to run for presidency 8 or more years from now. …if you ask me tho… she doesn’t like Hillary, and to her… Trump must be the lesser of two evils and more too her gain 8 yrs from now.

why? well, wouldn’t elizabeth warren like to be the FIRST female US president? …that can only happen if Hildabeast fails. she probably supports bernie… but knows at this point Bernie isn’t going to win the democrat nomination.

…Attacking Trump makes him even stronger. which is why he is the best chance the GOP has to win… unlike Ted Cruz. What worked with McCain and Romney will work with Cruz.

unless the dems plan to try to get michelle 0bama to run
….I bet that has crossed 0bama’s mind several times. though she is far too hated across the country and wouldn’t stand a chance in this election against republicans.

    herm2416 in reply to YourMaster. | March 28, 2016 at 6:12 pm

    Eight years from now, she will be 76!

    No. This is Warren’s sole and only window to pull off an election. even in 4 years, she will be one of the oldest candidates to have ever attempted to run, and IIRC she would be the 3rd oldest president actually elected if she were to win.

    (I did a full breakdown of the age thing in a prior thread, but I can’t remember it all right now).

The fake Indian brings out the fake tomahawk.
It’ll boomerang.

mumzieistired | March 28, 2016 at 6:36 pm

Warren launched the attack now because Biden has let her know that an indictment is coming. They’re getting ready to ride in to rescue the Democrat Party.

    I’ve had this discussion with several Judges here in El Paso (a reliably Democrat stronghold in Texas). Most of them had not yet heard of the “Hillary Indicted, replaced as a candidate” theory yet.

    Most of THEM could not see Warren being named the nominee. THEY think that either Sanders or Warren, while their politics are appealing to them, would lose badly in an election. Mind you, these are DEMOCRAT elected officials, being afraid that a Sanders or Warren candidate will have down-ticket consequences in such a RELIABLY DEMOCRAT STRONGHOLD that the Republican Party usually doesn’t even field a candidate in most Judicial races.

She is going to regret going after Trump, if history is any indicator.

I still see Biden as the step-in candidate.

Henry Hawkins | March 28, 2016 at 6:51 pm

I have it on good authority that if Hillary is indicted, the Dems will draft and run Ted Kennedy. Yes, I realize he’s dead, but so are a lot of their voters, so that’s no obstacle.

Professor, please remove that disturbing picture of the angry woman waving her fists at me!

I need a safe space.

littlebeartoe | March 28, 2016 at 8:39 pm

Warren has short fingers.

Shouldn’t the headline read, “Why did Liz Warren go on the war-path against Trump now?”

healthguyfsu | March 28, 2016 at 9:54 pm

Simple. to avoid irrelevance.

Word is Lizzie Boredom is a member of the Flatchest tribe.

Perhaps she has finally decided to throw her feather in the ring

Running for Veep? Wouldn’t work under Clinton two socialist women on one ticket? No, not yet. Clinton already has a marriage gap and men gap problem. Veep under Biden or other establishment guy? Maybe.

I think she’s just banking on dem cred off of cheap shots.