Ted Cruz is an excellent public speaker, and today’s CPAC speech was yet more evidence of this (and look, Obama, no teleprompter!).

The crowd is clearly enthusiastic about Cruz, the raucous cheers almost drown out his introduction.  Of course he takes jabs at Trump for cancelling his scheduled CPAC appearance, saying that Trump must have heard that Megyn Kelly, conservatives, libertarians, or young people would be there.  The crowd went wild.  There were a few lone voices trying to chant “Trump, Trump, Trump,” but they were quickly drowned out by the CPAC audience’s booing.

Cruz gives a wonderful speech about the principles that make America great in the first place, something he implies is not well-understood by Trump, and he talks about how to free the economy, secure our nation, and keep Americans free in the process:  jobs, security, and liberty were his themes.


Cruz made a huge impression at CPAC with this speech.

[Featured image via @RightScoop]

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