Frank Luntz appeared on the Kelly File last night and offered a scathing rebuke of Right to Rise, the Super Pac supporting the candidacy of Jeb Bush which typically attacks Marco Rubio.

Luntz said that when all is said and done they will have spent $100 million dollars and that it was wasted. He even said if he was a donor to the organization, he would demand his money back with interest, calling their ads “crap.”

Rather than increasing support for Jeb, Luntz suggests that the ads have had the opposite effect by turning people off and increasing support for Rubio.

It’s a point which was recently made by Professor Jacobson.

Watch the segment below:

Luntz’s point is reinforced by this recent tweet from Ed O’Keefe of the Washington Post:

You don’t even have to like Marco Rubio to see what a massive fail this is.

It’s time for Jeb! to call it a day.

Featured image via YouTube.


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