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Jeb SuperPAC anti-Rubio ads are working (against Jeb)

Jeb SuperPAC anti-Rubio ads are working (against Jeb)

Jeb isn’t Rising.

The seemingly non-stop attack ads being run by Jeb’s SuperPAC, Right to Rise USA, are causing deep concern among Jeb supporters, the NY Times reports:

When Jeb Bush and his allies began helping the “super PAC” supporting him raise more than $100 million last year, his bid for the Republican nomination seemed like a safe bet. But as Mr. Bush’s campaign continues to lag, his backers are increasingly turning their frustrations over his foundering candidacy on the group, Right to Rise, and its inability to influence the race.

Some donors quietly worry about how the cash-rich group is spending its money, confounded by how few tangible results the tens of millions it has pumped into the race so far have yielded. Others have expressed dismay with negative ads Right to Rise has run ….

The frustrations spilled into full view at a private meeting Friday at the Palace Hotel in Midtown Manhattan between Mike Murphy, the group’s chief strategist, and roughly three-dozen donors. Barry Volpert, a partner at the private equity firm Crestview Partners, sharply questioned Mr. Murphy about ads his group had aired attacking Senator Marco Rubio, one of Mr. Bush’s chief rivals for the nomination.

The concern over the negative ads is shared by some donors who have long worried that if Mr. Bush does not win the nomination, such attacks could irreparably harm the eventual nominee. Mr. Volpert, who has associates supporting Mr. Rubio, specifically raised concerns about damaging the Florida senator.

I don’t watch TV that much, but when I was on break in Scottsdale the past several weeks I did. The attacks on Rubio were non-stop. Round-the-clock. Often separated by mere minutes.

It was infuriating, and not because I think Rubio should be protected. The ads were just bad and succeeded only in stoking negative feelings in me towards Jeb.

While the ads aren’t technically Jeb ads, in this day and age closely aligned SuperPACs are viewed as part of the campaign.

I guess the strategy is to take out Rubio, and hope that Jeb is the last non-Trump non-Cruz candidate standing. If that’s the strategy, Chris Christie and John Kasich should be thanking Right to Rise.

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Jeb continues to waste god money and damage other republican candidates.

There is no way… repeat no way Jeb bush will be the republican candidate for president.

Every time I see one of his stupid ads I just think what a major waste of cash that could be used to defeat Hillary.

Everyone complains 0bama can’t beat an enemy he won’t name –
well, the GOPe won’t beat an enemy they can’t identify.

2012 should have been a cakewalk and the poor suckers let 0bama win.

Thus, Trump.

“When Jeb Bush and his allies began helping the “super PAC” supporting him raise more than $100 million last year, his bid for the Republican nomination seemed like a safe bet.”

No, it seemed like a sucker bet by idiots inside a bubble.

Nobody with a quarter of a functioning brain thought Jeb! ‘I can win without conservatives’ Bush was going to be the nominee, much less President.

The only thing his fundraising is indicative of is how stupid and cloistered big Republican donors are from the people that actually vote.

holdingmynose | January 21, 2016 at 2:59 pm

Whenever I see this ad here in Florida I have to laugh at the line that “Jeb is a true leader …”. That is definitely not my perception of him, and I supported him when he was Governor.

I do not understand the logic of these ads. When you are in 5th place, attacking the guy in 4th place only gets you 4th place.

I understand the concept, but the frequency is irritating and rightfully counter-productive.

Attacking Trump does nothing since his brain-dead cult followers wouldn’t care if he ate a baby on live TV. Cruz & Trump are on each other, don’t interrupt. So hitting Rubio could seem an option. But it’s the sort of gamble you try to see if it works, in a limited market, before going whole hog on.

– –

The thinking is that it is a bracketed primary. Trump and Cruz competing for the enraged talk radio audience, the rest for the normal people. So if Rubio is knocked out, Jeb only has to beat Kasich and Christie to make it to the final two.

Not a great plan, but what have they got?

    Henry Hawkins in reply to Estragon. | January 21, 2016 at 5:05 pm

    I realize it wasn’t intended as such, but your post is the perfect parody of the utter blindness of the GOP establishment.

Worse than rinos – these clowns are dodos.

Is there a more pathetic bunch than the GOPe?

It used to be personified by boehner, but now Ryan. Boehenr was drunk. What’s Ryan’s excuse?

    JimMtnViewCaUSA in reply to | January 21, 2016 at 3:45 pm

    “What’s Ryan’s excuse?”
    I have no inside knowledge so this is entirely third party, but I’ve read that Speaker Ryan’s wife is eager to help the poor, if necessary through the use of OPM.

Its complicated.

The Republican Establishment controls enough delegates, including automatic delegates and party officials, that any candidate cannot win the nomination without capturing 54% of voter selected delegates. If this 54% number isn’t hit, the nominee will be decided at the convention.

In other words, if the anti establishment vote doesn’t deliver 54% for one candidate, you get an establishment candidate. Vote for Ben Carson, get Jeb. Vote for Cruz, get Jeb.

Jeb still thinks that his biggest competition is Rubio. If Jeb loses his preference as the establishment approved candidate, then he loses the advantages of the primary rigging that was done in his favor.

Hes not just worried about Rubio being the establishment approved candidate. Cruz is the #1 in donations from Wall Street. This is why his surrogate Bob Dole reminded establishment Reps of all the bridges Cruz burned.

The main reason those stupid ads are still running is that is how the CONSULTANT CLASS, like Rove, GETS PAID! Commission on $1 million is what? But commish on $100 MILLION is 100 times that! You think Rove, who hasn’t won a race in 12 years, or any of the other GOPe uniparty consultants gives a damn? THEY GET PAID EITHER WAY! And Jeb! has always just been a place holder for Hillary. It’s too much WORK for the donor class to have to sit around and instruct the RINO’s how to do things. With the democratic socialists in power, the donors get their FREE FEDERAL MONEY and they can hang out at the country club and not have to get their hands dirty with, ugh, POLITICS!