In what would be a dream ticket for some and a nightmare to others, Bernie Sanders has been dropping some not-so-subtle hints that he would select Elizabeth Warren as his running mate.

This would be a smart move on Bernie’s part. He has been functioning as a stand-in for Warren and derives support from her wing of the Democratic Party. The left would be electrified.

The rest of the country would be horrified as these two Neo-Marxists traveled the land promising to take wealth from some and give to others.

Mohit Priyadarshi reports at The Inquistr:

Feel the Bern? Bernie Sanders Leads Hillary Clinton in New Poll, Tips Elizabeth Warren for Vice President

Bernie Sanders’ supporters may finally have something to cheer about.

The Vermont senator seems to be establishing a significant lead against fellow Democratic Party presidential hopeful Hillary Clinton, with Fox News January polls tipping Sanders to be ahead of Clinton by a 50-37 percent margin among New Hampshire Democratic primary voters.

The increase in Sanders’ lead will come as great news to the crusading senator, who has previously been tipped to defeat Clinton and prevail over Trump in another recent poll carried out by Quinnipiac University. But Bernie Sanders has nonetheless often found himself sidelined when it comes to polls conducted by the mainstream media, and to find himself leading significantly against Hillary Clinton in a major poll will no doubt give his campaign the boost it might need in the race for Democratic nomination…

Meanwhile, Bernie Sanders appeared to hint who his vice presidential candidate might be during the Nightly Show with Larry Wilmore recently, according to the Huffington Post. When the subject of his potential vice presidential running mate comes up around the 3:46 mark in the video which you can view below, Sanders explicitly hints who it could be.

“Elizabeth Warren is a very good friend of mine, I have known here for a long time, before she was in the Senate.
She is a great US Senator.

She has stood up to Wall Street.

She has stood up to the Big Money interests.

So, she uh, she and I will work together.”

This is the video featured in the story:

The progressive journalist Brent Budowsky can barely contain his excitement and writes at The Observer:

Sanders-Warren Before New Hampshire Would Rock the Nation

Elizabeth Warren should endorse the presidential candidacy of Bernie Sanders before the New Hampshire primary or, in the alternative, Mr. Sanders should publicly state that if he receives the Democratic nomination his first act will be to ask Ms. Warren to run with him as his vice-presidential nominee in a historic and revolutionary campaign to bring back the spirit of Theodore Roosevelt, Franklin Delano Roosevelt and John F. Kennedy to the leadership of the nation…

According to the John F. Kennedy Presidential Library, one of the favorite quotes of President Kennedy and Robert Kennedy was their version of one from Dante’s Inferno: the hottest places in hell are reserved for those who in times of moral crisis preserve their neutrality.

With the future of the Democratic Party and the nation hanging in the balance, now is the time for Ms. Warren to end her neutrality in the presidential campaign and endorse Mr. Sanders, or for Mr. Sanders to take the revolutionary act and say that if nominated he would offer her the vice presidential nomination and seek to run on a Sanders-Warren ticket.

In a way, this is the ticket the Democratic Party deserves and it’s ironic that Budowsky chooses to reference John F. Kennedy.

Democrats have drifted so far left over the last decade, JFK wouldn’t recognize them.

Featured image is a screen cap from America Rising.


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