When asked, Marco Rubio is not shy about sharing his faith (see here and here). Sen. Rubio is Catholic.

At a recent campaign event, self-described atheist, Justin Scott, confronted Sen. Rubio about his faith.

Referencing one of Rubio’s latest ads, Scott explained there was concern in the non-theist community that Rubio was running to be “Pastor in Chief.”

Rubio explained:

“You have a right to believe in whatever you want, you have a right to believe in nothing at all. You most certainly have that right. By the way, I’m a Christian, I can’t force you to be a Christian. Christianity is a free gift. We Christians believe that salvation is a free gift that has to be willfully accepted. You can’t force it on people. You have a right to believe whatever you want and I congratulate you on bringing it up.

I’m gonna share my faith especially when I’m asked because my faith influences who I am and every aspect of my life.

First of all, I believe you can’t really understand America, unless you don’t understand — if you don’t believe that Judeo-Christian values influenced America, you don’t know history. I’m not saying you, I’m just saying this nation was founded on the principle that our rights come from our Creator. If there’s no Creator, then where did your rights come from? And so, that’s why it’s important for us to understand that.

We’re going to protect the rights of Americans to continue to believe that. We’re also going to have a country where no one is forced to violate their conscience. Which means no one is going to force you to believe in God, but no one is going to force me to stop talking about God.

…Not only am I influence by my faith, but it is the single greatest influence in my life. From that I’ll never hide.

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