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Marco Rubio Discusses His Faith: “God’s Ways are Not Our Ways”

Marco Rubio Discusses His Faith: “God’s Ways are Not Our Ways”

“Those of us who share the Christian faith, the only thing we’re promised is that we’re going to be persecuted”

Republican presidential hopeful Marco Rubio was asked if he goes to God for counsel when encountering difficult decisions.

Rubio took the opportunity to elaborate on his relationship with faith and peace.

“You know, I’d love to tell you absolutely all the time. I should and I often do. I think none of us do that enough,” said Rubio. “About two months ago, somebody asked me, “do you ever doubt your faith?” I think people think doubting faith means you wake up in the morning and you say I wonder if there’s really a God. I think we all doubt our faith. Let me tell you when you doubt your faith,” he continued. “You doubt your faith when you’re confronted with a challenge or a problem and you start to have deep anxiety.”

Rubio explained that there is no guarantee that Christians will live a hassle-free life, but that the pursuit of peace in all things is how he chooses to live—to choose to find joy and happiness in spite of the circumstance.

Understanding that God’s plan is bigger than anything we can see is also a belief Rubio subscribes to.

“We are biblically ordered not to be afraid. You know why? Because God it telling us that no matter what happens, it’s part of My plan. I will give you the strength to endure whether you like it or not. Every time we fear, every time we’re anxious about something, what we’re basically saying is, I know that God is very powerful, but the problem is so big that not even God can solve it. It’s gonna have to be up to me to solve it.

…And so I think your question is embedded into that. I think we are all tempted with this belief that we’re confronted with a problem, we start to worry and be anxious about it. We start thinking to ourselves, how am I going to solve this, this is too big for God.

I would love to tell you that I always get that right. I don’t. I think like all of us, I often times worry about things. Whatever it might be. Silly things. The zipper broke on my pants and I was really upset and I was like, how am I going to speak with an open zipper? And so I start worrying about these things and there the answer is right in front of me — wear the other pair of pants instead.

That’s small scale. There are bigger problems we all face. When you’re in politics, when you’re running for office, you worry, you think omigosh what’s going to happen. And I think if we did take more time to do that, to stop, to ask for that guidance, which, you’re not going to get the answer you want, that’s not what we pray for. We pray for peace. And we’re ordered to have peace. And the peace that you’re left with is not the peace that it’s going to all work out great, we’re not promised that. In fact, those of us who share the Christian faith, the only thing we’re promised is that we’re going to be persecuted. We are told we will be discriminated against, we will be hated, you will be persecuted.

By peace, the peace that we’re promised is the peace of being able to handle whatever comes our way with the spirit of happiness and joy, knowing that in all things it comes from God and it’s part of His plan which we don’t fully understand.”

Sen. Rubio continued to speak candidly about his faith and his reliance upon God in difficult situations.

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“Sen. Rubio continued to speak candidly about his faith and his reliance upon God in difficult situations.”

I wonder if that includes the “difficult situation” of having lied and continuing to lie about his involvement with the Gang of 8 and his unwavering and deceitful pursuit of amnesty.

DINORightMarie | November 29, 2015 at 7:58 pm

I’m surprised he didn’t quote the Scriptures by saying, “….and the peace that surpasses shall guard you hearts and minds through Christ Jesus.” Philippians 4:7

He practically paraphrased the rest of the verse, “Be anxious for nothing, but in everything with prayer and supplication, with thanksgiving, let your requests be made known to God….” Philippians 4:6

I pray he repents of his denial of (lying about) his past actions, and is honest from now on about amnesty…..

DINORightMarie | November 29, 2015 at 8:01 pm


“…and the peace of God that surpasses all understanding with guard your hearts and minds through Christ Jesus….”

(my emphasis – the bold is what I omitted)

(How I wish there was an “edit” option!)

Oh, look. Sen. Rubio’s handlers have told him to push the “God thing.” They must have heard that we rubes are really into that stuff. Bless his heart.

Gak and double gak. I am tired of being “preached at” by the leftist minions in White House, media, Hollyweird… don’t want to be preached at by Christians or Jewish or anyone actually.

The ballooning Federal USA gubmit must be reigned in.

Rubio ain’t the guy.


I can’t understand for the life of me his appeal to a single conservative. He broke his foremost campaign promise and boldly and relentlessly pursued fulfillment of this betrayal. When called out he lied for months and finally slithered away to wait for voters to forget.

Now he’s invoking God? What a bad and insulting joke. No one is perfect and we must expect a measure of dishonesty from all politicians but the nature of this particular dishonesty and the way it played out should absolutely disqualify him. On what issue could he ever be trusted again?

This is how disingenuous Rubio is. He knows that Trump is having his meeting with black ministers tomorrow. So he decided to pump a little faith discussion in before Trump.

Man, some nasty people in the comments.
I thought Rubio did well in explaining his faith w/o getting preachy.

    pesanteur in reply to MarlaHughes. | November 30, 2015 at 10:14 am

    Yes, he did explain it well. He’s very glib. However one accepts it face value at one’s own risk, because he’s a liar.

    pesanteur in reply to MarlaHughes. | November 30, 2015 at 11:33 am

    “Nasty people”? Really? Isn’t there another possibility? I submit these “nasty people” are committed patriots disgusted with being lied to, and not only lied to over issues as central to our sovereignty as illegal immigration and by those who proclaimed themselves champions of the cause of sovereignty.

    At some point the moral body revolts from the lies. The “nastiness” that erupts is a simple moral and patriotic peristalsis. This is the real “context” of our times, the one Americans see and feel more palpably each passing day as our country sickens and dies. We have no more time for political liars, for indulging the ambitions of liars.

I agree with you.

Those who take what is said out of its context and force it through their political sieve end up with pulverized mush.