Republican presidential hopeful Marco Rubio was asked if he goes to God for counsel when encountering difficult decisions.

Rubio took the opportunity to elaborate on his relationship with faith and peace.

“You know, I’d love to tell you absolutely all the time. I should and I often do. I think none of us do that enough,” said Rubio. “About two months ago, somebody asked me, “do you ever doubt your faith?” I think people think doubting faith means you wake up in the morning and you say I wonder if there’s really a God. I think we all doubt our faith. Let me tell you when you doubt your faith,” he continued. “You doubt your faith when you’re confronted with a challenge or a problem and you start to have deep anxiety.”

Rubio explained that there is no guarantee that Christians will live a hassle-free life, but that the pursuit of peace in all things is how he chooses to live—to choose to find joy and happiness in spite of the circumstance.

Understanding that God’s plan is bigger than anything we can see is also a belief Rubio subscribes to.

“We are biblically ordered not to be afraid. You know why? Because God it telling us that no matter what happens, it’s part of My plan. I will give you the strength to endure whether you like it or not. Every time we fear, every time we’re anxious about something, what we’re basically saying is, I know that God is very powerful, but the problem is so big that not even God can solve it. It’s gonna have to be up to me to solve it.

…And so I think your question is embedded into that. I think we are all tempted with this belief that we’re confronted with a problem, we start to worry and be anxious about it. We start thinking to ourselves, how am I going to solve this, this is too big for God.

I would love to tell you that I always get that right. I don’t. I think like all of us, I often times worry about things. Whatever it might be. Silly things. The zipper broke on my pants and I was really upset and I was like, how am I going to speak with an open zipper? And so I start worrying about these things and there the answer is right in front of me — wear the other pair of pants instead.

That’s small scale. There are bigger problems we all face. When you’re in politics, when you’re running for office, you worry, you think omigosh what’s going to happen. And I think if we did take more time to do that, to stop, to ask for that guidance, which, you’re not going to get the answer you want, that’s not what we pray for. We pray for peace. And we’re ordered to have peace. And the peace that you’re left with is not the peace that it’s going to all work out great, we’re not promised that. In fact, those of us who share the Christian faith, the only thing we’re promised is that we’re going to be persecuted. We are told we will be discriminated against, we will be hated, you will be persecuted.

By peace, the peace that we’re promised is the peace of being able to handle whatever comes our way with the spirit of happiness and joy, knowing that in all things it comes from God and it’s part of His plan which we don’t fully understand.”

Sen. Rubio continued to speak candidly about his faith and his reliance upon God in difficult situations.

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