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LIVE REACTIONS: NBC/YouTube Democratic Presidential Primary Debate

LIVE REACTIONS: NBC/YouTube Democratic Presidential Primary Debate

For the five of you watching

Welcome to our live coverage of the NBC/YouTube Democratic presidential primary debate.

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Yes, Hillary, we need to protect the Obama Legacy of a lackluster economy.

Oh good golly, this is awful. The only redeeming quality in Bernie’s accent and O’Malley’s complete humiliation by the moderators.

Five? Hey, honest I didn’t even know it was going on until a pollster phoned afterward to ask my reaction to the ‘debate’. I wasn’t watching. Must have been only four.

There was a debate tonight?

Q: Secretary Clinton, what is your plan for …

A: We have to [litany of goals not plans]. Obama. I did it all. Womanpander. I will do it. Minoritypander. I will do it. We have to [litany of goals not plans].

Q: Senator Sanders, how are you going to …

A: The banks! The corporations! The millionaires! Campaign corruption!

Q: Security…

A: Guns! Take away the guns! Coalitions!

Q: How do you propose paying for…

A: I won’t tax the middle class.

A. I won’t really tax the middle class.

A: …uhm me too? Maryland.

Hillary’s gun comments were ridiculous. Why doesn’t Bernie respond, “If a Ford dealership sells a truck to some guy, and a month later the buyer drunk drives and kills someone, why is the dealership responsible?” Bernie has some idiot advisers. And Bernie’s not far behind them.

Ah yes, the Socialist Party ‘Debate’, where three Stalinists try to out-Lenin each other while blatantly pandering to the low-IQ voter. Meanwhile, the Muslim-Maoist al-Chicagi chortles knowing none of the three will get anywhere. The Coronation of Obama II (aka Sasquatch) is right on schedule.

Why watch a “show” called a “debate” of all liars? If “Democrats” or really ANY politician is TALKING, 95% of the time it is a LIE. The USA needs to end “career politicians” period if it is to survive.

Go Trump.

We need NO lawyers to run for office. All candidates need to have been a successful Business experience. All candidates should be limited to two terms. The Democrats have already picked Hill. The others are just for show.

I guess I should be more interested about the commentary of candidates who label their political opponents are terrorists, but won’t do the same to actual terrorists.

My empathy for bad things happening in this country goes down if any of these people win.