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The Day We’ve All Been Waiting For: Senate Repeals Most of Obamacare

The Day We’ve All Been Waiting For: Senate Repeals Most of Obamacare

Savor the moment while it lasts

Almost six years after President Obama’s hallmark legislation passed, Senate Republicans cobbled together enough votes to pass a bill that would repeal most of Obamacare.

Passing the Senate by a vote of 52 to 47 Thursday evening, the Senate’s revisions made for an even stronger bill than the House version, according to The Hill. The bill with its latest revisions will have to pass through the House once more before making it’s way to President Obama’s desk.

The Hill reported:

Thursday’s vote was a major event in the Senate, as Democrats never allowed a standalone vote on an ObamaCare repeal bill when they controlled the chamber.

Democrats were also unable to block the GOP measure, which was brought to the floor under budget reconciliation rules that prevented a filibuster.

“For too long, Democrats did everything to prevent Congress from passing the type of legislation necessary to help these Americans who are hurting,” McConnell said on the floor. “Today, that ends.”

If by some miracle this bill actually gets a signature from President Veto, Obamacare and it’s reign of health insurance premium terror will be dead. Mostly.

The measure guts the law by repealing authority for the federal government to run healthcare exchanges, and scrapping subsidies to help people afford plans bought through those exchanges. It zeros out the penalties on individuals who do not buy insurance and employers who do not offer health insurance.

It repeals the expansion of Medicaid adopted by 30 states as well as many of the law’s tax increases, which the House bill left in place.

It cuts funding for the Prevention and Public Health Fund and eliminates risk adjustment programs from insurance companies that lose money because of the law.

The House bill eliminates the individual and employer mandates, the Cadillac tax on expensive insurance plans and the medical device tax.

…The Senate bill also repeals the over-the-counter medicine tax, the prescription drug tax, an annual fee on health insurers and the tax on indoor tanning services. It reduces the threshold of healthcare costs that can be deducted from 10 percent to 7.5 percent of adjusted gross income.

Yes, President Obama will likely veto the bill once it hits his desk. Let him.

Health insurance premiums and deductibles continue to climb in spite of increasingly shoddy benefits. Half the non-profit co-ops created under Obamacare failed, sticking tax-payers with the tab. Not to mention the ongoing investigation of the largest non-profit co-op. The IRS estimates approximately 1.5 million individuals will lose their Obamacare subsidies for failure to file the proper paperwork. And independent Preferred Provider Organization (PPO) plans are an endangered species.

Dissatisfaction with Obamacare helped Republicans pick up a Senate majority in 2014 and the situation has only worsened since. Healthcare costs and access to healthcare remain the single most important issue to Americans.

Let President Obama, Hillary Clinton, and every other Democrat supporting Obamacare defend the dumpster fire legislation going into election season. Forget wasting time with various, supposedly witty iterations of “RINO” and Mitch McConnell-loathing; with complaints of symbolism over progress. Let.It.Happen. Sit back, light a cigarette, pour yourself a glass of bourbon, and watch the show. This newfound predicament provides no easy escape route for our Democratic foils. Meanwhile, Republicans succeeded in keeping their promise to voters coast to coast.

Tis a glorious thing to behold. Savor the moment… while it lasts.

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Even if El Presidente vetoes the bill or just ignores it – HealthCare Companies will quit the business. They cannot rely on being bailed out. And, this provides political cover for them to quit.

My laptop has a feature called system restore. What does Healthcare have? What kinda mess will we be left with? This was a black hole designed and implemented with an agenda.

    Mannie in reply to amwick. | December 4, 2015 at 8:54 am

    The agenda is to drive the health insurance companies out of business, leaving the Government as the only resort.

    Democrati delenda sunt. No price is too steep to pay.

    Voyager in reply to amwick. | December 4, 2015 at 7:55 pm

    There is a tremendous market for functional insurance plans. The successor to Obamacare will be the solution we find to it, as individuals with an incentive to solve this.

    On my end, I’m looking for something to cover catastrophes, and open pricing on medications. Right now trying to find the prices on prescriptions is like trying to find the Vogon Constructor Fleet’s demolition warnings.

    Simply creating the medical equivalent to Amazon would make our lives so much simpler, and save immense amounts of money for everyone.

What a joke. Does anyone, especially the crooked Republicans, believe this will survive a veto? This is just theater.

Hard to savor the moment with a picture of Senator Sellout at the top. Put up Mike Lee’s photo,please

Marco Rubio…

Once there was a silly old Congressman
Thought he’d punch a hole in Obamacare’s plan
No one could make that man, scram
He kept buttin’ that plan

‘Cause he had high hopes, he had high hopes
He had high apple pie, in the sky hopes…

Oops, there goes another non-profit co-op…

Oh my gosh, Ryan yesterday and Cornyn today. Trump has certainly turned the griddle under those liars.

Gee, I wonder who lit the fire under the GOPe? I think Trump is a rattlesnake, but I have to say I appreciate some of the effects of his candidacy.

If you just count from the 2014 midterm election how many times did these pukes give us the finger over something they had explicitly promised to do if we elected them?

They thought they had unlimited power and to heck with us and they were going to shove Jeb down our throats too.

So all this is, is their reaction to Donald Trump who is an existential threat to their place at the troff. Don’t think the democrats don’t see the threat too, so magically republicans will start finding votes.

It is another way to try to toss some bones to the American people and derail Trump.

This is far from complete repeal and if it passed it would make things worse because of effects of failing to repeal community rating, mandatory electronic records and reporting to feds death panels mandatory coverage minimums and the entire giant obamacare bureaucracy. If this passed policy prices would skyrocket and people would not be able to find affordable coverage because of all the things not repealed.

buckeyeminuteman | December 4, 2015 at 3:23 pm

I am completely and utterly stunned…that Mitch McConnell even let this come up to a vote.