On Christmas Day 2011, as part of our “Open” post, we noted the following:

What a bunch of kill joys, How to Discuss Climate Change With Your Uncle During the Holidays (because after racist relatives, climate change deniers are the biggest problem at family Christmas dinners).

The advice was from a guest contributor at Think Progress:


Of the several pieces of advice, I liked this coaching on how to bolster your own credibility, because nothing says “genuine” like a preplanned strategy to bolster your own credibilty:

2. Don’t be insulting: There’s no going back from ad hominem attacks. Don’t treat your uncle like he’s dumb, and don’t be rude or condescending. Admit it when you don’t know something; give your uncle credit when he’s right. This will help your credibility, and maybe even help prevent a holiday fracas with your family.

Don’t be that person.

Remember, as even Think  Progress acknowledges, holiday meals are about family and friends, and making environmentalists smile:

However you decide to handle a climate-change denier at the dinner table, don’t forget the reason you’re both sitting there. Holiday meals are a celebration of family and friends, and you shouldn’t let a scientific debate kill the good vibes. It’s a smart strategy to apply elsewhere, too — if you can explain global warming without losing your cool, you might give environmentalists everywhere something to be thankful for.

Remember, folks, it’s okay to leave the table to prevent a nuclear reaction.


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