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Christmas Open

Christmas Open

Some of these may turn into full posts at some time, but for today, just snippets:

  • Richard Lugar, facing conservative challenger Richard Mourdock, is resurrecting the false meme that the Tea Party cost Republicans control of the Senate in 2010.  Au contraire, Carley Fiorina (CA), Dino Rossi (WA) and John Raese (W.Va) were establishment candidates chosen because they were establishment and who lost winnable races.  Nevada is the biggest false meme; Sue Lowden lost the primary to Sharron Angle because Lowden self-destructed (chickens for medical services) and was targeted by the Reid machine.  If Lowden couldn’t survive the Reid machine in the primaries, she would not have won the general.  The Lugar – Mourdock primary match up definitely is on my radar.
  • Israel reportedly has bombed a convoy of vehicles in Sudan.  There also have been other attacks on weapons smugglers this year, now just being reported.
  • Hamas says it may join the PLO to help restore PLO to original mission, destruction of Israel.
  • What a bunch of kill joys, How to Discuss Climate Change With Your Uncle During the Holidays (because after racist relatives, climate change deniers are the biggest problem at family Christmas dinners).
  • More to come.
  • POTUS has Coffee with Progressive Media Stars:  The usual suspects, Ezra Klein (WaPo), Greg Sargent (WaPo), Rachel Maddow, Ed Schultz, Josh Marshall (TPM), Faiz Shakir (Think Progress) and others.
  • Iran again considering executing woman convicted of adultery.  They are studying whether her death sentence by stoning can be changed to hanging.


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It’s the lack of trust in RINO’S like Lugar that they lost. And he’s proven us correct.

RE Lugar-Mourdock match up follow #INsen on Twitter. Lugar staff are spinning and seem desperate to paint Mourdock as unelectable due to lack of funds or being unfit for office.

Rossi won the race in Washington. Soro’s strategy of putting a dem secretary of state in to beat republicans by vote fraud and recounts.

Rossi was electable. The race in Washington was not winnable.

I’ve made my New Year’s Resolutions.

Can we make New Year’s Resolutions for the good Professor?

Mine would be: Run for office!

Congressman Jacobson has a nice ring to it.

Prof I’m glad you brought up “Carley Fiorina (CA), Dino Rossi (WA) and John Raese (W.Va) ” The contra-Tea Party people always bring up the Tea Party losers but not the establishment losers. I’d like to see a comparison of how much the Republican Party spent on their losers as opposed to the Tea Party losers. Fiorina was a huge waste of money for a long shot. I am glad that Castle lost as well. We don’t need two Scott Browns.

All the best to you and yours, Dr J- and have a super 2012

Iran is executing woman for adultery in 2011 but according to the Washcompost it is the intolerance of the Kings James Bible that is the source of evil in the world.

Asia Bibi is a Pakistani woman who has been sentenced to death for “blasphemy” of the prophet Muhammed. She is in jail awaiting her appeal. Here is an interview with her.

And here is more information about Asia Bibi’s case.

Not a single GOP incumbent was defeated in the November 2010 general election.

As for primary challenges, the only Tea Party challenger to a GOP incumbent who won the primary but lost in the general was Joe Miller in Alaska who defeated then lost to Princess Lisa.

The GOP gained six seats in the Senate but needed ten to take control.

huskers-for-palin | December 25, 2011 at 7:10 pm

The odds of winning the senate in 2010 were pretty long….lots of blue states last time around. More likely to happen in 2012.

But I think we need to “hock a luger” and get someone else in. Only when incombents get whacked in the primary will the leadership notice (or care).

Sorry Professor, but you’re completely wrong on this one!

“If Lowden couldn’t survive the Reid machine in the primaries, she would not have won the general”

I was a democrat until 2008, so I was still on their mailing lists, Reid KNEW Sue Lowden and the other man (I forget his name) were a much stronger candidate in the general than Angle, that’s the reason they were after Lowden and the other dude running in the primaries to make sure Angle was the repub nominee.

Not all tea party candidates are strong candidates. I donated to both Christine O’Donneld and Angle, and I thought both were horriblely weak candidates. I really think repubs and conservatives underestimate the corruptness and scum-ry of the demonRats.

Sorry, professor you are absolutely wrong on that one statement. If a Sharron Angle type person primaries runs agaon Lugar, they will lose, and I’m rather have a lefty repub than an outright socialist demoncrat. I hope someone of Rubio’s caliber runs against Lugar in the primaries.

They are studying whether her death sentence by stoning can be changed to hanging.

And people never believe it when the MSM speaks of “moderate” Muslims. /s

huskers-for-palin | December 26, 2011 at 4:18 pm

Even with Reid’s money and machine, he only won by four points. Angle didn’t help matters much with some of her unforced errors. NO Republican was gonna win Delaware. No how, now way (much like CA). Even Castle was a dead duck.

Also, the TP movement isn’t even three years old yet. It needs to grow and learn like any movement.