This is the latest in a series on the use of the race card for political gain:

Wasn’t sure if I should post tonight, so I’ll keep this brief.  If not today for the topic of this post, when?

At Feministe there was a post by Jill (you remember her), titled Dealing with racist relatives during the holidays, centered around this reader story:

I’m dreading going home for Christmas this year. At Thanksgiving one of my family members made an ugly racist comment that really made my blood boil. I stated that the comment was racist and I was met with condescending laughter. I left the house for a while because I was so angry, and when I got back, others tried to explain to me why their racist beliefs were important, and why I should believe them too. I was so horrified I basically didn’t talk to anyone for the rest of the day. Everyone I’ve talked to so far has told me “they don’t know any better”. This doesn’t seem at all adequate but I don’t know what else to do- the oldest generation of my family has no idea that hating people is even wrong. Where do you start with people like that?

One of the commenters at Feministe linked to the video below, giving instructions on how to tell people they are racist.


The Daily Dish had a similar theme, How Do You Deal With Racist Relatives Over The Holidays? Ctd, which had a series of reader questions and stories (more here, here and here), including this one:

I’m curious as to how readers deal with homophobic relatives. My partner is from Indiana and his immediate family is very supportive and gay friendly, but his more distant relatives are a complete question mark. I am dreading meeting his father’s cousin’s family for Christmas. My partner is apprehensive as well, since in his words they are “complete hicks.” There is no way I’m going as his “friend” this time. We are way passed [sic] that in our relationship.

I don’t claim any expertise on Christmas gatherings.  Is it really that bad out there for you?  Can’t you folks just get together for dinner without talking racist and homophobic trash?

Or is this just more prepping of the political battlefield?

For those of you who have not experienced racist comments at Christmas dinner, you probably aren’t listening carefully enough.  Please follow these instructions on How to Recognize Racism.

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