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Gallup confirms Dems getting more liberal

Gallup confirms Dems getting more liberal

While Republican conservatism has been steady

In early October 2015 we wrote about an academic study showing Democrats Moving Left Faster Than Republicans Moving Right:

The meme we’ve been hearing for years is that radical right-wing “hard liners” are hijacking the Republican party and forcing it to the right; however, an interesting new study argues that Democrats are moving more quickly to the left than Republicans are moving to the right. It also indicates that the Democrats’ move leftward has had the unintended consequence of moving state legislatures to the right.

A Gallup survey released today confirms that Democrats are moving left

Democrats’ desire for a “liberal” or “very liberal” candidate has grown, from 30% in 2007 to 36% now. However, the largest share of Democrats and Democratic leaners — 40% — still mostly prefer a moderate candidate. This desire has shrunk somewhat from 48% in 2007.

Because of these shifts, Democrats are now about as likely to say they prefer a liberal nominee (36%) as a moderate nominee (40%), while in 2007, they had a clearer preference for a moderate (48%) than for a liberal (30%)….

The increased desire for a liberal candidate is consistent with the increase in liberal views among Democrats and Democratic-leaning independents on social and economic issues.

By contrast, the Republican electorate has not changed since December 2007 in the desire for a conservative candidate:

These findings, from a Dec. 2-6 Gallup poll, are similar to the results from a December 2007 poll. The current party nomination contest is arguably different from the one that produced 2008 nominee Sen. John McCain. Yet the percentage of Republicans who prefer a conservative candidate is not.



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Eastwood Ravine | December 21, 2015 at 8:02 pm

I love the euphemism “more liberal”. What it means is that their fascist masks are slipping.

The “radical far right, whacko birds, tea party racism” … all that is a fabrication to cover for the far left PC radical left. And the MSM sings along.

Schumer was caught on a hot mic instructing his gang to use the word “extreme” to slander the right. They are all about the propaganda as cover for their leftist radicalism, which has exploded into the open with Obama.

“I always use the word extreme,” Mr. Schumer said, “That is what the caucus instructed me to use this week.”

They’re getting less liberal, more leftist.

I like the word liberal, and don’t enjoy seeing it traduced.

I literally cannot COMPREHEND why somebody would identify as a Democrat and want a ‘conservative’ candidate.

I mean, the mental gymnastics that takes just leave me speechless.

But then again the far lefties are convinced Obama is a ‘moderate’ so Clinton is probably considered a ‘conservative’.

By contrast, the Republican electorate has not changed since December 2007…

It’s the Republican Party establishment that seems to be moving left.

Or at least in whatever direction downhill is.

Professor: Saying that a Democrat is “liberal” is like saying that a pig is a “Hill Sheep!” That usage totally masks the character and behavior of Democrats. Democrat have now become the party of totalitarianism in fact, they have adopted the role of the Queen of Hearts, their words mean what they say they mean, up is down, left is right, nothing is except what the Democrats say it is.

And the true pity of it all is that the GOP has allowed the Democrats to get away with this travesty of reality and behavior.

We need to be totally steeped in facing reality when dealing with these Democrat Socialist bastards, including their sycophants in the MSM.

Principles matter. Liberalism is a degenerative ideology.

Now that we learned Clinton was stuck in the bathroom during the debate, we have now an explanation for that constipated expression on her face.

Cokie Roberts hardest hit. For years she’s shown up on the Hillary Show (aka This Week With Clinton’s Press Secretary), and blithers on about the Republican Party turning far right. Meanwhile we nominate a center-leftist in John McCain, and the centrist Mitt Romney. The Democrats have nominated far leftists Al Gore, John Kerry, and Barry Obama. Not a peep from Cokie. I’m starting to think she’s nothing but a partisan Leftist. Naw, couldn’t be.

Obama ran as a quasi-moderate in 2008, “beyond partisan bickering,” yet governed as a far-left partisan from the start and still won reelection. This empowered the left to believe their policies could win elections – when, in fact, it was the continued fervent loyalty of blacks and young people to Obama, in defiance of his actual results, that reelected him.

Bill Clinton went through the motions of creating the DLC and “New Democrats” to finesse the public move away from leftist ideology and managed two plurality wins. But the core Democrats always resented having to use a ruse, and now have again deluded themselves as to public appetites.

– –

The subterfuge of the Trump candidacy is all the hope Democrats have left of winning. And even if they lose, he’s not so far from most of their positions, no matter what the gullible suckers believe.

    Despite the country’s exhaustion after Bush, we could conceivably have won in 2008 with a good candidate. McCain followed by Romney and a bunch of us are done forever with having a RINO forced down our throats. You can rip Trump all you want, but he has performed a vital and invaluable service in exposing not only the prejudices and phony dogma of the Left but the perfidy and arrogance of the GOP establishment. As a result, Ted Cruz is benefitting. There’s a lot of evidence out there that the GOPe rewrote the campaign rules specifically to exclude Cruz from being able to win the nomination. The GOPe was fully wedded to Jeb. But for Trump, we wouldn’t be where we are and Cruz would not be looking at a very good chance of nomination IN SPITE of our idiotic party.

    For that alone, no matter what else happens, we can thank Trump and only Trump. The rest (how demented he makes all the Left and all the establishment) is just delicious icing.

We have two different parties of political consorts? Really?

I hope everyone understands that nature abhors a vacuum. As the Dems move ever leftward (do they ever fall off the cliff and can it happen already!!), they pull non-conservatives leftward with them. Result: Jeb, Rubio and the GOPe. ONLY conservatives are strong and steady, because long-established principles guide us. But as the rest move closer to Marx, of course WE look like the extremists. We have to reject that at every turn.

What I love about Trump (and of course I realize he is not a conservative, but he IS Americanist!) is that he almost alone will call the Left out – media, celebs, important figures, challengers – he doesn’t care. The unspeakable is definitely speakable now, thanks to him. And this as much as anything is why he’s attacked from all sides.