A surprising, but welcoming congressional endorsement.

Mia Love inserted herself into the pages of history in November 2014 when she became the first black Republican woman elected to Congress, when she defeated Democrat Doug Owens 50%-47%.

Love, who is of Haitian descent and a Mormon, has now expressed her support for Sen. Marco Rubio to be the recipient of the GOP presidential nomination, citing similarities in personal success stories:

“I watched him inspire people. He had a rally. And he talked about his family. And he talked about his love for this country,” she told Fox News host Jenna Lee, Thursday. “And I realized my story is so similar to his. He has a positive agenda moving forward. And for the first time in a long time, I felt someone who really loves this country and doesn’t take for granted the benefits that this country has.”

In the wake of the recent terrorist attacks in Paris, Love pointed to foreign policy as a strength of Rubio’s:

“He’s very strong when it comes to foreign policy, national defense. And this is a time where we need a president in our country that is going to make sure that we are, we are strong.”


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