We have dealt many times with the issue of promoting children to throw rocks at Israeli soldiers.

It was one of the reasons there was such an uproar when Bassem Tamimi appeared before third graders in Ithaca, NY, and advocated the children become “freedom fighters for Palestine.”

It’s also one of the dramatic aspects of the current violence — whether called an “Intifada” or not. Young children and teens are pushed to the front or take it on themselves to attack.

Like the 16 year old who stabbed two elderly Jews in Jerusalem and went after police before he was shot dead:


Then I saw this tweet.


My heart sank. What kind of person sends such a small child out to do the fighting. And what kind of person brags about it on Twitter?

Then I did an image search. As with much Pallywood fakery, it’s not from the current violence.

It was posted on Twitter at least as far back as mid-September. I don’t know where the photo is from. Maybe is it a confrontation with Israeli soldiers at sometime in the past, but it’s not current.


I appears that the photo might be from Kurdistan.

(Update 1-23-2017 – The image may be from Kafr Qaddoum 15-5-2015)

Palestinian Child Participate in Clashes with Israel Twitter - original

I don’t know what is worse, that someone so hates Israel he would fake a photo to make it seem that this child is participating in the current hostilities, or that he would want it to be so.

Update 10-21-2015 – Arab-American leader loves the fake photo, and using children to confront police:



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