It’s better to beg for forgiveness than ask for permission.

That’s the attitude of Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign—and they’re not just talking about using their considerable muscle to gain an advantage. They’re talking about violating the law.

A new video from James O’Keefe’s Project Veritas purports to show Clinton campaign staffers in Las Vegas openly bragging about the ways that they have skirted Nevada election laws while registering voters.


From the Daily Caller:

In another scene, Harrison Lee, a fellow with Hillary for Nevada, told how he was reprimanded for openly endorsing Clinton outside of a Las Vegas library.

“Yesterday, we got kicked out from — we were told we can’t push [Hillary Rodham Clinton] anymore in front of the library,” Lee said.

Asked why, he explained: “Because they’re afraid of, like, you know, the voter registration being no longer a neutral thing.”

Lee also said that the campaign workers had “been able to get away with asking the Hillary question after voter registration for a long time” at government buildings, the Department of Motor Vehicles and the campus library.

In an exchange filmed at the Nevada field office, another campaign fellow, Henry Engelstein, told how he and Lee were confronted by a worker at the Las Vegas library who explained that they were violating the law.

“She came out with the Nevada statute books and opens it up and starts reading the statute about how you’re allowed to get voter reg,” Engelstein said.

In Nevada, O’Keefe asserts in his voiceover, it is a felony for employees of voter registration agencies, voter registrars, and other election officials to solicit votes for or against a candidate or issue. It’s pretty cut and dry—but that didn’t (and presumably hasn’t) stopped Clinton’s operatives from skirting the rules. At one point in the video, Las Vegas attorney and Clinton surrogate Christina Gupana is heard telling the staffers to “just hide all that stuff,” referring to pro-Clinton campaign signs and caucus cards.

Will any of these people go to jail over this? Probably not. The problem is their attitude toward the law—it’s eerily reflective of Hillary Clinton’s own state of mind toward investigations into her private e-mail server.

At the end of the video, O’Keefe says, “the videos are gonna keep coming until this campaign starts obeying the law.” We’ll keep you updated as these new videos are released*. You can read Legal Insurrection’s coverage of Project Veritas’ previous video stings against the Clinton campaign here and here.

*Let’s be honest—nobody expects a mea culpa from Hillary Clinton.

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