Real talk: the media does a terrible job of reporting on gun violence.

America has seen a lot of tragedy this year, and each time that tragedy involved the use of a gun, the mainstream media took the opportunity to lay the blame not on the hand that pulled the trigger, but on the gun that contained the bullet. We don’t trust guns as a matter of principle, and we certainly don’t trust those who are experienced with firearms to make the decision to use them for protection.

This needs to stop.

The NRA may have found an “in” with one of the most vocal and important demographics: women. Their new ad, featuring firebrand pundit and mother Dana Loesch is simple, slick, and offers a simple message: women (and moms) who demand the right to defend themselves “are everything that makes America strong.”

Click ‘play’:

Caleb at Truth Revolt points out:

“If it bleeds it leads” is still the guiding principle of our entertainment news class, and the murdered family will always get news the safe one doesn’t. There is also the narrative. It is hardly a secret in America that those who are in media, and particularly the news media, kowtow to “progressive” doctrine. They apologize to liberals when they are forced by the facts to question them, they scrape before Democrats as benevolent dictators, and they would not dare give any credibility to the idea that it is okay to want to do something as icky and right-wingy as own a gun.

But the mothers who want to be prepared to defend their families against criminals who will own guns regardless of the legality are the majority, says Loesch, not the minority. And that has been proven time and time again across the country. Activist liberal groups and busy-body leftie politicians use their friendly media to make Americans feel like the issue is undecided, or even turning away from the Second Amendment, but that is just another play in their playbook.

True, down to the letter.

Liberal activists are prepared to do whatever it takes to implement policies that make them feel better about gun violence, but actually do nothing to address the problem. The wave signs and scream and demand “change,” but their demands only serve to ensure that what happened in Charleston, in Roanoke, and on the streets of Washington, DC last night will happen again.

This ad is important because it does not scream, or cry, or rely on outlying anecdotes to make a point. It simply stands up, looks America in the eye, and says, “no.”

No, you will not make decisions about self-defense for me.

No, you will not jeopardize the lives of those I hold dear to make a point.

No, you will not take my guns away.


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