This morning, Virginia reporter Alison Parker and photographer Adam Ward were shot and killed during a live broadcast near Moneta, Virginia. The shooter, Vester Lee Flanagan, shot himself approximately five hours after the murders.

Flanagan was previously employed by WDBJ as a reporter, but was dismissed after anger management issues boiled over between himself and the other members of the news team. WDBJ is currently using their live broadcast to talk about Flanagan’s time with the station, and why he was fired.

ABC News received this morning a fax from a “Bryce Williams,” which a professional alias Flanagan used:

Analysts speculate that Flanagan didn’t “snap,” but that he planned the murders. Screenshots from his Twitter account show that he was actively posting to social media while he was running from police:

bryce 1

bryce 2

As always happens when these tragedies occur, gun control advocates swarmed on the opportunity to exploit the public’s reaction. They put their top people on it:

NFL writer and columnist for the New York Post Bart Hubbuch seized the opportunity to offer his condolences hoist up the dead as justification for more gun control:

He then got into a weird exchange with Blaze contributor Dana Loesch about—of course—the origins of the 2nd Amendment (as we always do):

bart hubbuch gun control tweets

…and so it went:

mark popham tweets

You have surpassed unfunny, Rob.

Here’s a dog whistle from a Dem operative:

This post will be updated. Pray for the WDBJ family.



Apparently the confirmed reports of the shooter’s death came too soon—both local and national outlets are reporting the correction:

GOOD NEWS! The third shooting victim, interviewee Vicki Gardner, had surgery but is doing alright:

Note: I chose not to embed the video recording during the shooting. Let’s remember the victims like this, instead:

OVER: Local police are reporting that the shooter has died.


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