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Libs Aim to Dump “Reagan” from DC Airport Name

Libs Aim to Dump “Reagan” from DC Airport Name

Stupid petition alert!

The wonderful thing about progressives is that they always seem to find worthy causes to rally behind. Racism? They have a solution* for that! Economic inequality? You bet they can fix** it!

The latest cause the progressive establishment has chosen to rally around involves the unpardonable crime of…adding a former president’s name to DC’s local airport? You better believe it!

Progressive social action group CREDO has a bone to pick with Republican leadership over the recent renaming of Mount McKinley to Denali. Their self-professed desire to “beat back right wing assaults” has manifested in an attack on Ohio-native John Boehner over his opposition to the renaming; and they’ve decided to hit back by demanding the Speaker revert the name of “Ronald Reagan Washington National Airport” back to “Washington National Airport.” According to the petition, “John Boehner and his fellow Republicans in Congress weren’t so hesitant to remove a president’s name from a public landmark when they decided to rename Washington National Airport after Ronald Reagan.”

The shame of a nation, ladies and gentlemen.

From the petition:

For generations, Alaska’s Native Americans have called it Denali, meaning “the great one,” while its official American name of Mount McKinley has had nothing to do with the mountain or its history – it was named Mount McKinley by an American explorer in the late 19th century, before William McKinley had even been elected President.2

The honoring of this mountain’s original name, and the native people who have inhabited that land for generations, was long overdue. But that hasn’t stopped John Boehner and fellow Republican members of Congress from staging political outrage and fomenting right-wing anger.

That’s why it’s helpful to send them a reminder that, in a brazen political act at that time, Republicans in Congress themselves pushed through legislation renaming an airport already named after America’s first president, George Washington. And unlike President Obama’s decision, which honors the local people and culture surrounding that landmark, the renaming of Washington National airport was met with resistance from local Virginia residents and leaders. It was also strongly opposed by airport workers themselves, given President Reagan’s role in breaking the air traffic controllers’ union and mass firing 11,000 workers.3, 4 Renaming the airport also resulted in significant costs that were left to local government in Virginia to cover.5

Given Speaker Boehner’s current outrage and disappointment at President Obama’s decision to rename Mount McKinley, it’s time to give him the opportunity to make up for his own past mistakes. Sign the petition and tell John Boehner he needs to be consistent when it comes to naming America’s landmarks.

This obviously has nothing to do with the right wing menace; CREDO is trying to prove a point by piecing together a brilliantly stupid non sequitur. We can laugh at this, but at the time of this writing, the petition had gathered almost 69,000 signatures.

The left may adhere to some troubling dogma, but you have to admit—they know how to rally the base.

This story was originally reported by local DC blog Prince of Petworth

*Their solution is violent and divisive.
**By “fix” we mean “destroy the economy.”

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buckeyeminuteman | September 8, 2015 at 9:09 am

“It is better to keep your mouth closed and let people think you are a fool than to open it and remove all doubt.” – Mark Twain

Can we rename “Democrats” and call them “Asses”?

It’s the fools who fail to understand history that want to name things differently, who want to tear down flags, who want to dig up people because of a flag.

Our history is our history, the good and the bad. There have been many bad things, but many good things too. The purpose of knowing history is to NOT make the same mistakes (Those who don’t know history are destined to repeat it. – Edmund Burke and George Santayana first probably)

What fools they are who throw history away because it is or seems offensive to them. I grew up in the Reagan era and he’s been the best president of my 52 years. How DARE these idiots want toss his name to prove their point. Isn’t it bad enough we have a so called leader renaming mountains for no good reason? He just unilaterally did it, NOT COOL.

Do any of these people who want to waste time tossing the best president of MANY years away have jobs, families, hobbies? Maybe they need to find some or fight for something worth fighting for, things such as caring for abandoned animals, like ending poverty in our neighborhoods, feeding hungry children because the parents won’t or can’t work, finding ways to support our colleges to give kids a better chance (without stealing tax payer money to do it, I had to pay my way, it’s a part of growing up). How about maybe getting bigotry off the planet by educating bigots that we’re all of equal value, just a little more or less pigment (for the most part)? How about educating folks that you respect law officers and they’ll TYPICALLY respect you instead of giving them attitude and whining because you got arrested for a crime and resisted? How about maybe teaching that Jesus saves and we’re lost for eternity without Him?

Yeah, LOTS of more important stuff in the world than picking fights over the name of an airport. Will they try the highways named after great leaders next?

    Clinger in reply to RWineJr. | September 8, 2015 at 11:26 am

    It’s the democrat way of shouting SQUIRREL!

    All they can do is deflect and side-track folks from concentrating on the SERIOUS ISSUES they have CAUSED.

Perhaps we should rename D.C. too, so that it is no longer named after a president. Also, the state of Washington should be renamed.

You can always identify an impotent organization because they start to rename things for no apparent reason.

Ok fair is fair, Chicago has the Eisenhower, Kennedy, MLK, and a score of other roads, schools, streets and buildings that should be renamed too. We can go back to using I94, I90, I88, I290, I294 and make it easier on out of towners too.

The thing about “Denali” – it was a commonly used name by native Alaskans. Congress named it Mt. McKinley officially – just as they added Ronald Reagan’s name to Washington National Airport.

King Obama, on another of his royal whims, DEEMED the name “changed” – i.e. that is NOT how things are done; it is not Congress changing the name. Changes and ruling by edict?? – SOP for Obama, of course!

This petition – inaccurate; at best – apples to oranges. The argument is indeed a completenon sequitur. Mush for brains, these petitioners, and those who signed, IMHO of course.

If we start renaming places that were named for Presidents — how about places that were named for kings and queens, or random rich guys?

William Penn lives on with his name on a whole state — how many Americans could tell you his first name, much less what he did?

Maryland is named for Mary Tudor — the queen who burned hundreds of protestants alive for heresy. Is she more worthy of a name than Washington or Reagan?

Virginia, the Carolinas, and Georgia — all for British royalty.

Rename all the schools and academies named for 0bama.

I think the formula is you can’t name anything after a white person and if you already have, you need to change it.

Let’s rename every road, building, street, geographic feature, bridge, mile marker, roadside porta pottie, etc. in West Virginia named for that KKK member/democrat (but I repeat myself) Harry Byrd.