While small acts of kindness from citizens can touch the lives of police officers many miles away, police officers across the country increasingly face public aggression, disrespect, and violence.  In the wake of Ferguson and the execution of police officers in NYC and across America,  America’s police face an untenable situation as they attempt to do their jobs.

Watch this report on police under attack:

The recent attention has brought with it a heightened awareness among police officers . . . and hesitation.  An Alabama police detective, saying that he was concerned about media attention, was pistol-whipped with his own gun last week.  CNN Wire reports:

An Alabama police detective is pistol whipped with his own gun. He says the coverage of deadly police shootings across America is partly to blame.

The police detective says he chose not to use force against a man attacking him because he didn’t want to be another headline. The brutal beating occurred during a routine traffic stop.

The detective, a six-year veteran, noticed a man driving on the interstate erratically. So he pulls the car over.

The two end up in a parking lot when the detective calls for back-up. It’s during this time, according to police, the suspect gets out of his car and gets aggressive with the officer.

Instead of following policy to try to get the man back in the car, the officer says he hesitates. It’s just enough time police say for 34-year-old Janard Cunningham to sucker punch the officer, knocking him unconscious. He then allegedly takes the officer’s gun and uses it to pistol whip him.

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The media attention and treatment of the nation’s police not only influenced the police detective’s response but directly contributed to this suspect’s actions:

According to the head of the police union, the suspect in the attack, 34-year-old Janard Cunningham, told police that the reason he did what he did to the officer was because of “The negative coverage he’s been seeing of police across the country.”

He was arrested shortly after the attack and has been charged with attempted murder.

Bob Owens reminds us of a CNN panel’s “hands up, don’t shoot” moment:

There’s no small amount of irony in CNN reporting this story, and the attack’s callous aftermath, which saw sick criminal supporters take mocking photos of the unconscious officer instead of attempting to help him. After all, they’ve done so much to fan the flames of discord that have bought us to this point, with their serially dishonest portrayal of lawful self-defense shootings by police officers and citizens alike.

Watch (if you can):

Of course, “hands up, don’t shoot” is a proven lie, but that didn’t stop CNN from defending it for its “symbolic meaning.”