The Justice Department has confirmed that the entire notion of “Hands Up, Don’t Shoot” was completely false. That hasn’t stopped one CNN host from keeping the meme alive, if only in a “symbolic” way.

Transcript and video via Real Clear Politics:

ANA CABRERA, CNN: You’re part of this Hands-Up-Don’t-Shoot coalition. Have you had a chance to read the Justice Department’s findings on Michael Brown’s death, as they pertain to Darren Wilson?

MONTAGUE SIMMONS, DON’T SHOOT COALITION MEMBER: I’ve had a chance to take a glance, yes.

ANA CABRERA: Has it changed your view of Darren Wilson at all, the fact he was cleared in this incident?

MONTAGUE SIMMONS: Not at all. Unfortunately, the findings were expected — meaning that usually in these cases we’ve seen law enforcement, and the voice of the officers involved, are given much heavier weight than [other] witnesses. Even though we’ve seen countless witnesses come forward and testify that his hands were up, they’re still giving a greater weight to law enforcement’s findings.

Even if his hands weren’t up in this case, he was not — he should even have been executed in the way he was.

ANA CABRERA: Obviously the whole catch phrase hands up don’t shoot takes on a much more symbolic meaning moving forward.

Watch the video:

CNN has taken a keen interest in the idea of “hands up, don’t shoot” from the beginning.

I’m reminded of this tweet from CNN contributor Sally Kohn, via Twitchy:

Featured image via Real Clear Politics video.