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Elizabeth Warren’s opportunity: Hillary has fallen, and she may not get up

Elizabeth Warren’s opportunity: Hillary has fallen, and she may not get up

Democrats in need of a savior – Bernie Sanders isn’t it, but Elizabeth Warren may be.

All the pieces are falling into place for Elizabeth Warren to enter the presidential race.

First, long before Hillary began to falter, I predicted that Elizabeth Warren would crush Hillary, and they both know it:

For all my criticisms of Warren, and they are extensive, I am convinced that if she ran, she would crush Hillary, just as Obama did.

Warren, as did Obama, has a unique ability to demagogue the core Democratic narrative of victimhood in ways that would make Hillary blush. She is more cunning than Hillary, more popular with the base, would bring an excitement the contrived Ready-for-Hillary movement could only dream of. Democrats may be “ready” for Hillary, but they don’t really want her.

Bernie Sanders’ success in mounting a credible campaign is the best evidence that Warren would crush Hillary.

Sanders is a proxy for Warren, the second choice of the progressive movement when Warren declined to run (for now). Imagine how HUGE the crowds would be for Warren, if Sanders is getting crowds in the tens of thousands.

Second, Sanders’ message is Warren’s message. The system is rigged by Wall Street and the banks against the little people:

Third, I always argued that Warren would wait for the right moment, when Hillary already was faltering and Warren could come in to save the Democratic Party.

Sanders cannot be that savior because he’s a Socialist. That’s not going to sell in America even in 2015. So Liz is a far better messanger for the “you didn’t build that on your own” message.

Fourth, now Hillary is faltering. She’s actually losing to Sanders in New Hampshire:

Democratic presidential hopeful Bernie Sanders has rocketed past longtime front-runner Hillary Clinton in New Hampshire, a stunning turn in a race once considered a lock for the former secretary of state, a new Franklin Pierce University/Boston Herald poll shows.

Sanders leads Clinton 44-37 percent among likely Democratic primary voters, the first time the heavily favored Clinton has trailed in the 2016 primary campaign, according to the poll of 442 Granite-Staters….

Clinton is still viewed overwhelmingly by voters as the likely Democratic nominee, but the results suggest she faces an unexpectedly difficult fight to prevent an embarrassing opening loss in the first-in-the-nation primary.

The Franklin Pierce/Herald poll shows that most New Hampshire Democrats are lukewarm to Clinton, despite her campaign’s concerted effort to soften her image and connect with voters.

Just 35 percent of likely primary voters say they are “excited” about Clinton’s campaign, according to the poll. And 51 percent of voters say that while they could support her, they aren’t enthusiastic about her White House bid.

Fifth, the email scandal presents an enormous risk for Democrats to put all their presidential eggs in Hillary’s basket.

Now that the server and thumb drive are in the hands of the feds, who knows what analysis will show.

At a minimum, it will show a deliberate effort to conceal evidence. If some of the data is recoverable (the feds can work wonders), that data may puncture the Hillary balloon completely.

“Save Us Liz”

Hillary is faultering. Bernie’s message is resonating. Democrats are nervous of a late email scandal surprise.

This is the opening Warren has been waiting for.

If she jumped into the race, it would fit the pattern from the 2012 Senate race, her first run for public office. Warren insisted for months she was not running, and waited until the chorus begging her to enter the race grew loud enough that she would say she was answering the people’s call.

At some point the Democratic Party power brokers lose faith in Hillary’s ability to run, and join the progressives.  When that happens, Democrats will demand that Warren run.

The question is, does Liz want it?


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The pessimist in me says that (1) the FBI will find nothing, (2) the FBI knows that it will not find anything, and therefore, (3) the whole thing will exonerate Hillary, “See, I was fully investigated by the FBI and they found no wrongdoing! The whole thing is just a vast right wing conspiracy, I tell yah!”

Ok it’s not just the pessimist in me. I’m an IT guy, and for me (1) and (2) are foregone unless Hillary is even more incompetent than I think. And if (1) and (2) are true, then the only reason the FBI is doing this must be institutional self interest, as opposed to an abstract pursuit of justice. Either they feel they must go through the motions for appearance’s shake, or they think helping Hillary is in their interest. Surely if it was pursuit of the truth that moved them, they would have not waited until even Hillary would have found a real expert to wipe the server clean.

Not too long ago I used to be a starry-eyed idealist. See what 7 years of Obamapolitics will do to you?

    Ragspierre in reply to Freddy Hill. | August 12, 2015 at 3:28 pm

    I’ve mentioned this before, but…

    the way you spot planes on a moonless night is by “looking for holes in the stars”.

    One of the things we use in proving fraud in court is pointing out the things we know SHOULD be there, but are not. Those are among what are called “badges of fraud”.

      Freddy Hill in reply to Ragspierre. | August 12, 2015 at 11:09 pm

      Good point Ragspierre, but that’s legalese. That Hillary is acting with a mens rea is obvious to the most casual of disinterested observers. If the mere fact of using a private server while in charge of US foreign policy is not enough to disqualify her from the political arena, nothing will.

    Mercyneal in reply to Freddy Hill. | August 12, 2015 at 7:01 pm

    They will find something, believe me. This investigation wouldn’t be going forward if it hadn’t been approved by the Obama administration.

As a bonus there is a good chance “the Donald” will drop out of the race because there is no longer a Republican party to divide for Hillary.

I DO expect “Gropin’ Joe” Biden to get in soon.

One could put it this way… Hillary is the bus, Sanders is the driver and Warren is the air bag-all heading off the road.

Tangentially Obama notes, “I think the American people, you know, they’re going to want that new car smell.”

“faultering” – a new word as appropriate as the one you meant to use.

Midwest Rhino | August 12, 2015 at 5:10 pm

Somewhere I heard Obama making noise about wanting someone to carry on with his accomplishments. He didn’t mention Clinton, and my feeling is he is wanting someone more like Warren. Maybe arrangements are already being made, since Warren has been pretty much been escorted through the process of becoming a somebody, ever since being endorsed as Harvard’s prized female Cherokee standout, also famous for nursing through her exams.

Then she was elevated with a Time front page, after another minority preference(?) appointment, since we must have more women running things to be PC. Of course when banks get huge bailouts I guess our political betters feel they get to tell them how to run their business.,9171,1989144,00.html

‘If I am elected President, I will request all world leaders that visit The Big Tent, be dressed in buckskins AND wear moccasins’.

Bernie may be having too much fun to step aside just yet, and the far left has adopted him. They begged Squaw Zero to run for months, there is going to be a segment that resents the opportunism over ideology.

Biden is best placed to be the party savior. He is acceptable to the far left, a loyal Obama man, and never made enemies with the Clinton cabal. He can keep the party interests together enough to give the down-ticket a chance.

– –

At this point, saving the down-ticket is the best they can hope for – unless the GOP makes a big mistake.

ugottabekiddinme | August 12, 2015 at 5:48 pm

That picture, of Liarwatha and her raised fists? I am looking forward to seeing her repel the onslaught of the BLM movement wackos, when she starts having her rallies disrupted. Heh heh

I sure would want to see a debate between Carly Fiorina and Elizabeth Warren.

    Ragspierre in reply to faboutlaws. | August 12, 2015 at 7:59 pm

    You may be on to something there.

    Wasn’t “At Folsom Prison” a big hit for Johnny Cash? Carly could visit Ol’ Walleyes and do a charity thing…

A picture of Lizzy running away should really accompany all posts about her 🙂

Is there anyone here who knows how to make an animated .gif of her trying to escape our intrepid Legal Insurrection reporter from that video?

But does Liz believe that Black Lives Matter?

The Republicans need to hang that onto every Democratic candidate: “I believe Black lives matter, so I fight Planned Parenthood, set up to end Black lives. I believe Brown lives matter, see above. I believe Yellow lives matter, see above, etc. etc. etc.”

holdingmynose | August 13, 2015 at 6:29 am

So if the old, rich white woman candidate fails, and the older, socialist white man candidate fails the fall back is the slightly less old, slightly less rich, slightly less socialist white woman? These choices will surely appeal to the black and young white bases of the party.