Time has really flown by, hasn’t it? Would you believe the famous recall election that Scott Walker won in Wisconsin was three years ago?

As you may recall, it was a big night at Legal Insurrection with fireworks and music on the site. Our Wisconsin Recall Tag has the history.

Wisconsin first lady Tonette Walker tweeted out this reminder yesterday:

Here’s a great video from the Walker team to commemorate the event:

Speaking of Mrs. Walker, it sounds like she’s ready for her husband to run for president.

Mary Jordan of the Washington Post reports:

Scott Walker’s wife, toughened by life, is ready for fires of a campaign

Tonette Tarantino’s year of sorrow came when she was only 30. First she lost the grandmother who helped raise her, like a second mother. Weeks later her brother, her only sibling, died of bone cancer. Then her husband died of kidney failure.

Now, as Tonette Walker, the wife of Wisconsin governor and GOP presidential hopeful Scott Walker, looks back, she says those brutal 12 months in the mid-1980s prepared her for her life ahead — and most especially for the rough ride of politics.

“My mom was tough. She didn’t give you a break,” Tonette Walker said in an interview at the Camp Bar, a neighborhood hangout here. “Days after my first husband died, my mom said, ‘Get up, get moving, you are not going to wallow in this. You’re going to be great, you are going to be fine. Life is going to go on.’ ”

Tonette, who at 59 is a dozen years older than her husband and comes from a pro-union Democratic family, is part of a 2016 class of political spouses who are more visible and unusual than ever.

As a parting shot, enjoy this video:

A good time was had by all (except Democrats):

Featured image via YouTube.


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