This week I had the privilege of appearing on The Duane Lester Show alongside Andrew Langer of the Institute for Liberty for a discussion on TPA, TPP, and the importance of Congressional oversight during the drafting of trade agreements.

The debate surrounding the Trade Promotion Authority bill has been long, weedy, and ugly. The bill passed this week, amid motions, proposed amendments, rejected amendments, and in a sea of impassioned speeches and sincere op-eds advocating for one side or the other.

During the discussion with Duane, Andrew and I both cover the origins of the debate over TPA, and explain how the narrative was skewed by a liberal activist masquerading as a conservative. I also lay out details about TPA (the procedural bill) and the Trade Promotion Authority (TPP) bill, and talk about what Congress needs to do to make sure that any trade agreements that are deliberated under the “fast track” legislation won’t be carried out at the expense of the American people.

Give it a listen, and have a great weekend!

You can read my coverage of the TPA debate here.