We previously reported on how Oberlin Radical Feminists Freak Out at Christina Hoff Sommers:

In the Oberlin Review radical feminists responded to Sommers’ upcoming speech with an OpEd, “A Love Letter to Themselves.” In this love letter, they accuse Sommers of being a “rape denialist” and proceeded to list her “offenses” to feminism.

The letter concluded:

So let’s engage in some radical, beautiful community care, support and love. Let’s make space for everyone to engage at whichever level they want/need. Let’s come through for each other, both now and in the future. Trauma is an experience that threatens a person’s bodily, spiritual and emotional integrity. The psychological, emotional and somatic impacts extend beyond the experience of trauma. Healing is a process that looks different for each person. Let’s make space to care for all experiences of trauma and to respect those we care for. Let’s focus our energy on taking care of each other and ourselves. Let’s make her talk irrelevant in the face of our love, passion and power.

Hoff Sommers was greeted with “Trigger Warning” signs and of course, the obligatory “Jazz Hands.”

Some enterprising person has put the controversy to music, including on-screen lyrics as the names of the people signing the Oberlin Review letter passed by in the background:

Oberlin College Video Feelz before Reelz Choir Christina Hoff Sommers screenshot keep me from the real world

The video led to this observation.


Here’s the video, feel free to sing along:

The YouTube notes have a fairly exhaustive set of links about the controversy. Go check it out.