This week, the Senate recognized the passing of the first 100 days of the new majority Congress. We’ve covered the good, the bad, and the ugly here at Legal Insurrection (read it here).

The Senate has hit a lot of high points. In addition to passing an actual budget, they passed the hotly-contested Keystone XL pipeline approval, advanced bipartisan trade legislation, and shined light on the plight of domestic human trafficking.

Stark differences from Harry Reid’s Senate abound.

Watch the primed-for-fundraising video the NRSC produced to highlight those differences:

Of course, that’s not the whole story.

The Senate also confirmed the nomination of Loretta Lynch as Attorney General, and floated a controversial and potentially flawed oversight bill attached to the Iran nuclear “deal.” Some conservative pundits and activists still see the new majority as lacking the type of leadership it takes to fight Obama’s destructive policies; others complain about issues given priority by the leadership.

Some of that criticism is fair; some of it isn’t. What I want to know is, when it comes to the first hundred days, do you think the new majority has proven to be a success, or a failure?

Part of effective messaging is convincing the people who vote for you that, even if they disagree with a particular vote or result, you’re still the best person for the job. There’s a big difference between communicating on behalf of one legislator, and an entire caucus of them—and in this case, I think the NRSC has done a good job presenting an overall case for success on behalf of the Republican majority.

Let’s take it to the comments: when it comes to the majority as a whole, are you satisfied with the progress made in the first 100 days? Did they overlook something you think should have taken priority? And most importantly—do you think they’ll eventually handle all of the issues that make conservatives in your community tick?

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