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Planned Parenthood goes off the rails during Rand Paul presidential announcement

Planned Parenthood goes off the rails during Rand Paul presidential announcement

That didn’t take very long

Kentucky Senator, Rand Paul officially announced his presidential candidacy this afternoon (if you missed his speech, you can watch it here). And that’s when Planned Parenthood’s Twitter account went berserk.

It would appear whomever runs the official Planned Parenthood Twitter account seems to harbor some severe animosity for Sen. Paul:

Oh, so that’s why Sen. Paul chose this icon… [rolls eyes SO HARD]. Not to mention that Mad Men (pictured beneath in the graphic comparison) is set in the 1960’s, so there’s that tiny little factual discrepancy to add to the mountain of falsehoods.

By contrast, on the day Senator Cruz made his official presidential announcement Planned Parenthood fired off one tweet directed at the Texas Senator:

I welcome anyone to the race that has this kind of affect on leftists establishments. Let the games begin.

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Well! That escalated quickly!

Rand Paul would cut women off from PP? What health care choices/freedoms do the aborted have?

@PPact -the aborted would ban abortion, too.

Yeah, I’ll bet the board of GE has the squirts over the prospect of a non-crony POTUS, too. The fascists know which side their bread is buttered on.

Nobody would “ban” abortions”. That’s like Gropin’ Joe Biden trying to scare stupid people that any GOP candidate wants to put black people “back in chains”.

It’s all boob-bait. For boobs. Who love bait.

    Probably not. The secular opiates override people’s moral orientation and intellectual integrity. Still, it would be enlightening to at least begin the debate over committing wanton murder of wholly innocent human lives when a human life begins: conception. If people still want to commit mass human rights violations after acknowledging the whole of human life, then the consequences of debasing human life will be planned survivors’ cross to bear.

Henry Hawkins | April 7, 2015 at 2:58 pm

It’s twitter. Who besides lefties and media/research people would follow Planned Parenthood? They preach to the choir.

I thought the Left got all wee-weed up over 501(c)(4) organizations engaging in politics.

“right to no-copay birth control”

Since when? Nice sense of entitlement there.

    Ragspierre in reply to randian. | April 7, 2015 at 5:36 pm

    Well, they DO have a perfect right to free birth control.

    Keep their knees together. Works every time…

We are Planned Parenthood. We have come to “educate” you.

I wonder if there is any real (i.e. non-ideologue) person who actually believes that human life is the product of spontaneous conception (i.e. “Big Bang”), or is an asset that can be summarily liquidated, or is a commodity that can be casually exchanged.

Planned Parenthood has a human rights issue. But so does the whole abortion industry and its consumers, especially repeated consumers, that cause massive and exclusive collateral damage.

Let’s stroll down Memory Lane with Planned Parenthood, Margaret Sanger and the Malthusians, shall we?

1. The Negro Project (See: )

2. Margaret Sanger and the Negro Project (See: )

3. Malthusian Eugenics (See: )

Ad nauseum. Then there were the Fabiab Socialist, proponents of Eugenics. (See: )

2 for 2.

That’s our record of announced candidates having the same effect on Babykillers Inc as having their toilet paper sprinkled with jalapeno juice.

When we get to the first debate, I pray that all the people on the stage are opposed to babykilling for profit and convenience.

BTW, Babykillers Inc is a racist org attempting to exterminate black Americans. They’ve killed way more than the Klan did.