When Al Sharpton is in front of an MSNBC camera, it’s an adventure watching him try to read from the teleprompter (“Resist we much!”). However, when he’s in front of other cameras, grandstanding, he does very well. Earlier, Sharpton had a run in with Fox News reporter Leland Vittert.

Vittert was doing this odd thing called “journalism” and was attempting to question Baltimore Mayor Stephanie Rawlings-Blake when Sharpton decided to play palace guard:

Sharpton of course, knew it was Fox News and as such, he knew millions were watching… unlike his show on MSNBC.

But hey, at least Sharpton is punching up, right?

Vittert said later it was a community event where the Mayor was speaking and when she was done, they whisked her out the back. He and several others and caught up to the Rawlings-Blake. Vittert then said he was pushed by Al Sharpton, several of Sharpton’s security people and finally, members of the Baltimore Police Department.

He was told by Sharpton and others that Rawlings-Blake would answer questions at a press conference.

That press conference never happened.

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