Elizabeth Warren is gaining quite the reputation for avoiding the press in public areas of the Capitol.

Now the latest, from the Hill, on how Democratic Senators are rallying around Hillary, though Warren isn’t talking and has aides run interference for her — physically (emphasis added):

Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.), who has effectively stopped dealing personally with the press in public areas on Capitol Hill, declined to comment on the issue Wednesday. The liberal favorite walked briskly away from questions as an aide stepped in as a buffer.

(h/t Brad Dayspring and Colin Reed on Twitter.)

(video added)

We at Legal Insurrection are aware of Warren’s strategy of using bouncers and aides to block access to Warren.

At Netroots Nation in 2012, Warren used security guards to keep our Anne Sorock away from Warren, after Kos Kidz figured out who Anne was and blew the whistle.

All Anne wanted to do was ask Warren

“Do you view yourself as a role model for women of color?”

since Warren was listed as a Woman of Color in Legal Academia when she was a visiting professor at Harvard Law School in 1993:

Warren’s campaign aide then physically blocked Anne and put a clipboard in Anne’s face to stop her from filming:

The good news is that Warren seems to treat all press this way.

The bad news is she’s every bit as controlling as the Clintons.

You know what this all means, don’t you?

Run, Liz, Run!


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