Earlier this week, President Obama sat down to promote Obamacare interview with Buzzfeed and Vox.

That the President chose listacles, cat memes, and explainer ‘journalism’ was not unnoticed by Right leaning media, and thus outrage ensued.

Many, like Fox New’s Greta Van Susteren simply want our president to be SERIOUS.

ISIS is crucifying and beheading their way across the Middle East, Yemen is in shambles, thanks to Senate Democrats, DHS could potentially start the month of March unfunded, Montana is trying to ban yoga pants, Jon Stewart is leaving The Daily Show, and the whole world is going to hell.

And here’s our President turned gif, wielding a Selfie Stick, striking his best Tom Cruise in a dirty mirror.

I get it. I really do.

But there’s just one problem (well, many problems, but for the sake of this post, we’ll focus on one) — we don’t have a serious President.

Our President, for better or worse, enjoys the company of Beyonce, frequents the world’s finest golf courses, Slow Jammed the News on Late Night TV (to be fair, so did Mitt Romney), hosts White House parties that would make Andrew Jackson jealous, sat Between Two Ferns with that guy from The Hangover, and loves to pretend he’s the one who pulled the trigger, ridding the world of Osama bin Laden.

He is our pop culture President.

Wishing him to be a more serious man will not a more serious man make. So why bother?

It’s a matter of managing expectations, really. While OUTRAGE might make good social media fodder, after six years of living with an unserious President, one would hope we’d learn to expect well, more unseriousness.

No combination of huffing, puffing, pithy comments, witty Facebook memes, or pointing out the obvious truth that he is leading our nation to the depths of despair will change Obama’s behavior. Though we should note such behavior lest we be doomed to repeat history and whatnot.

Unfair as it may be, to quote de Tocqueville, “we have the government we deserve,” being a democratic republic and all. Thankfully, we’re only stuck with President Selfie Stick for approximately two more years (can the 22nd amendment get some love?).

So it seems our hope lies ahead. And in the eternal belief that we are the greatest damn country ever devised by mankind. In the meantime, I plan to drink lots of whiskey work my hardest to ensure we are able to successfully elect an actual leader with better taste in art to the White House. Maybe even one who takes selfies oh, I don’t know, after international terrorist cells have met their demise?

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