Is this now a series?

At my speech in Rochester I found Philly Guy.

On Wednesday night, February 18, 2015, I appeared on a CAMERA panel in West Palm Beach about countering the anti-Israel movement on campus. I don’t know the official count, but I’m guesstimating about 200 people in attendance.

I found Legal Insurrection reader, commenter and Twitter fan @SGLawrence [Featured Image], who attended with her daughter. More than that, they gave me a wonderful gift of two illustrated books by Sam Fink, Exodus and The Constitution, accompanied by a wonderful note:

Every time I on on, I feel that all is not lost — if there are still thinkers out there like you, applying their incredible talents in these times, I must remain an optimist.

Ever since I discovered Sam Fink, I have made it my business to share his beautiful books on The Constitution and on the 5 Books of Exodus. There’s just something about Fink that reminds me of you — a real love of America and Israel, I guess.


Sam Fink Exodus The Constitution

The book on The Constitution was particularly meaningful to me because of the illustration of the Third Amendment.

As you know, I support the Third Amendment and I Vote.

Sam Fink The Constitution Third Amendment

But wait, there’s more!

One of my co-panelists was Daniel Mael, of Brandeis University fame:

William Jacobson Daniel Mael