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Look who I found

Look who I found

@SGLawrence and Daniel Mael

Is this now a series?

At my speech in Rochester I found Philly Guy.

On Wednesday night, February 18, 2015, I appeared on a CAMERA panel in West Palm Beach about countering the anti-Israel movement on campus. I don’t know the official count, but I’m guesstimating about 200 people in attendance.

I found Legal Insurrection reader, commenter and Twitter fan @SGLawrence [Featured Image], who attended with her daughter. More than that, they gave me a wonderful gift of two illustrated books by Sam Fink, Exodus and The Constitution, accompanied by a wonderful note:

Every time I on on, I feel that all is not lost — if there are still thinkers out there like you, applying their incredible talents in these times, I must remain an optimist.

Ever since I discovered Sam Fink, I have made it my business to share his beautiful books on The Constitution and on the 5 Books of Exodus. There’s just something about Fink that reminds me of you — a real love of America and Israel, I guess.


Sam Fink Exodus The Constitution

The book on The Constitution was particularly meaningful to me because of the illustration of the Third Amendment.

As you know, I support the Third Amendment and I Vote.

Sam Fink The Constitution Third Amendment

But wait, there’s more!

One of my co-panelists was Daniel Mael, of Brandeis University fame:

William Jacobson Daniel Mael



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Great perk of the site: friends via the internet!

It was very thoughtful of SGLawrence to bring you gifts. Great hospitality!

legacyrepublican | February 19, 2015 at 8:12 am

Sp, when you coming to Texas? DFW?

Can’t show you Texas hospitality if you never come out here.

Keep up the great work Professor! It was nice to meet you and your lovely wife. I did not bring a gift unfortunately. 🙁

It’s really not hard to find me as I seem to be excelling these days in “corporal” expansion. It was a GREAT presentation by Professor Jacobson and on the demonization of Israel on college campuses. May all the Professor’s other Groupies be as lucky as I was to finally meet him in person!

DevilsPrinciple | February 19, 2015 at 9:14 am

Nice touch by SGLawrence.

Don’t sell yourself short, Professor Jacobson. You’re an incredibly thoughtful, good humored and all around good guy. It’s no wonder you two connected.

Yay! This is a fun series!

Yeah, I’m not seeing Possum Holler, NC on your upcoming calendar.

Wait, was this in Ithaca? If not, where?