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VIDEO: Brandeis U. Student Threatened for Reporting on Anti-Police Tweets

VIDEO: Brandeis U. Student Threatened for Reporting on Anti-Police Tweets

Family also harassed as progressive students side with student leader who expressed “no sympathy” for murdered NYPD officers.

We previously reported how Daniel Mael, a student reporter at Brandeis University in Massachusetts, was being threatened and attacked for reporting on anti-police tweets by a student leader, Student Reporter under Attack at Brandeis Univ. for Reporting On anti-Police Tweets.

The student, Khadijah Lynch, was interviewed by The Boston Globe, and stands by her tweets, Brandeis student stands by comments on slain NY officers:

A Brandeis University junior who caused an uproar on campus for tweeting that she had “no sympathy” for two New York police officers slain in an ambush is standing by her widely shared comments.

But the student, Khadijah Lynch, told the Globe on Wednesday that she feels her messages on social media were taken out of context.

In defending the statements, Lynch said they reflected raw anger and frustration following the fatal shooting of a 12-year-old black boy by a police officer in Cleveland and grand jury decisions in Missouri and New York to not indict white police officers in the deaths of unarmed black men.

In that light, “it was hard for me to conjure sympathy for those police officers” shot to death in New York, she said.

But, she added in a telephone interview, “Not having sympathy is not that same as rejoicing or saying that they deserved to die. I think all human life is valuable; I’m not a violent person; and I don’t condone violence. I was very sympathetic for the families.”

The President of Brandeis issued a statement supporting Mael’s right to report, but Mael has come under a firestorm of backlash from progressive students on campus. That backlash includes threats not only to Mael, but harassment of his family, as Mael explained on Fox and Friends this morning:


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KM from Detroit | January 2, 2015 at 10:33 am

That Khadija Lynch backpedaled so quickly to “explain” her tweets is no surprise.

That Mael has received repeated threats from other unhinged students is also no surprise.

And honestly, that second point is the scarier one by far–that we are so inured to the hateful left insisting that people who disagree with them “kill urself” or “f*** off and die” or other variations on the same, that seeing them no longer triggers an outcry, but simply a head-shaking, face-palming, “here we go again” mentality.

It’s like the boy who cried wolf, Internet edition…

Lynch didn’t ‘backpedal’, she simply threw out some eyewash to get her through the week. She didn’t retract a thing she said.

As to Mael, it is indeed no surprise that the progressives are going after him and his family. They don’t have to do anything other than threaten — the threats are what is being reported, and that is exactly what is required to ensure that others decide not to stand up and fight back. It’s what the progressive community counts on — plausibly deniable intimidation.

Welcome to the world of liberals! They have no logic or common sense on any issue. It is all emotion and when they are caught like in this instance they react with a vicious attack. Look at the Duke lacrosse mess or the UVA fake rape story and you will see that even when they are caught in a lie they blame others and never admit they were wrong or even worse try to say that we should learn from the “Fake” issue.

So, if the tweeting student were murdered by thugs, when the police could have, but chose not to, protect her, we should have no sympathy for her then?

Just asking?

Exercise in logic:

* Some cops kill black people (justified or not)
* therefore, all cops share responsibility for killing black people
* therefore, the two dead cops had it coming

Now let’s use the same logic on blacks:

* Some back people kill black people (justified or not)
* therefore all black people share responsibility for killing black people
* therefore, Khadijah Lynch, who is black, has it coming

In 2013, 2,245 blacks were murdered by other blacks across the US. Only 246 blacks were murdered by all other races of both genders combined.

Breaking that down, 89%, 9 out of 10 blacks were murdered by other blacks.

That doesn’t make illegal or unnecessary police violence okay, but I will believe that the protesters are sincere when I see them protesting black-on-black violence with the passion and frequency with which they protest police violence.

I will believe they are rational when they focus on tragedies like Eric Garner rather than justifiable killings like Antonio Martin or Michael Brown.

Smith is not retracting her statement. She and her defenders are simply outraged that her sentiments were exposed to opposing views.

What is interesting is that the left holds that exposing their ideas to opposing opinions (ie dissent) is equivalent to silencing their Constitutional Rights.

With that understanding we can now comprehend fully that when the left says that dissent is the highest form of patriotism, what they really mean is that crushing other people’s Constitutional Rights is the highest form of patriotism.

Why don’t we just truck these insulated degenerates like Khadija Lynch into the most violent parts of the Bronx, Brooklyn and Chicago and let them spend a cop-free week there.