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Eric Holder: Justice Dept Not Politicized

Eric Holder: Justice Dept Not Politicized

And if you believe that, you can keep your plan and doctor if you like them.

The Senate confirmation hearings for Loretta Lynch have been in the news for over a week and for good reason. As Eric Holder prepares to exit the Department of Justice, many people want to be sure America doesn’t end up with another Eric Holder.

Lynch has many positive qualities but as Professor Jacobson recently pointed out, not being Eric Holder is not enough.

Yesterday, Holder held a press conference in which he insisted that he hasn’t politicized the Department of Justice.

Josh Feldman of Mediaite reported:

Holder Fires Back at GOP: ‘There’s Been No Politicization of This Justice Department’

Last week the Senate held confirmation hearings for Attorney General nominee Loretta Lynch, but a lot of the questions from Republicans centered around the current occupant of that office, with one even going so far as to ask Lynch if she is Eric Holder.

Today, Holder himself held a news conference in which he started out by saying, “For the record, I am Eric Holder.”

From there, the attorney general went after Republican critics in possibly one of the last (if not the last) press conferences of his tenure leading the DOJ. He said it’s “a little irresponsible for people on the hill to say that policy differences that we have with them… can be characterized as political.”

Holder insisted that “there’s been no politicization of this Justice Department” and said such an accusation is “totally inconsistent with the facts.”

Here’s a video of Holder’s statement:

World News Videos | ABC World News

It’s good to know Mr. Holder thinks so highly of his stewardship of American Justice.

Professor Jonathan Turley of George Washington University begs to differ:

At the Attorney General Nomination Hearing for Loretta Lynch, George Washington University Law School professor and nationally recognized legal scholar Jonathan Turley, scathingly rebuked actions taken by President Obama and current Attorney General Eric Holder, saying that the “Justice Department is at the epicenter of a constitutional crisis.”

History will remember Holder’s time at DOJ quite differently than Eric Holder.

Featured image via ABC News video.


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Holder insisted that “there’s been no politicization of this Justice Department” and said such an accusation is “totally inconsistent with the facts.” Holder then stated with a wave of his hand that these were most certainly “not the droids you’re looking for.”

He is leaving the DOJ “with people who are dedicated to doing things only on the basis of the facts and the law.”
That and $4.00 will get you coffee at Starbucks.

DINORightMarie | February 4, 2015 at 8:48 am

Delusional. These people are pathological liars. There is no other explanation. Unfathomably, unabashedly lying like this……delusional.

How can anyone believe a word that emits from the mouths of anyone in this administration?!

Their lying to the public, with a straight face, seemingly in all sincerity……truly breathtaking. What a nightmare.

Lord, help us — people have GOT to wake up and see reality … and it isn’t the one Holder clings to, it’s what Turley so aptly describes!

    And, yet, Obama and his minions were REELECTED. What does that say about our once great nation and, more importantly, how do we fix it? Frankly, I’m at a loss. (But I am doing my teeny-tiny part and homeschooling a future citizen. As in “educating” as opposed to “indoctrinating.”)

The arrogance of this administration and this man is astounding!

One of the truly necessary but Augean tasks of the next conservative president will be to muck out the DOJ and other agencies Obama and his outlaw gang have larded with their minions.

It will take years and a lot of stink.

Holder doesn’t think his tenure was politicized or polemical in any way. He was just doing his AG job, you know, gun running for narco-terrorists, looking for civil rights violations only in cases involving white folks, obstructing justice, denigrating law enforcement, blaming white people for his projected racial animus, being held in contempt by Congress-all in a day’s work for one Eric Holder.

Holder fundamentally transformed the DOJ into a radicalized justice dept., a biased ideological insurgency.

Good riddance.

He’s playing weasel word games.

Criminals always claim they are perfectly innocent. So what?

Do these “God Damn (traditional) America” types truly believe they are righteous, and so lying repeatedly is acceptable, as lying to infidels is to many Muslims? “They” backed the commie Sandinistas, and now find solidarity with Che, Castro, Chavez, even Mao. One man’s terrorist is another man’s freedom fighter, they have said.

I think they are Soviet style lying propagandists, more than well meaning socialists. More organized crime than ideologue true believers. They use Alinsky tactics, which Saul learned from Capone. Organized crime lost revenue when prohibition ended, and they moved into unions, and now Trumka is a close friend to this White House. It wasn’t all cleaned up post Jimmy Hoffa.

When Holder attacked Boeing for going to a right to work state, he was (in my opinion) using top cop power to punish right to work and reward leftist unions. When he and Sharpton stir up race wars, they try to extract control over local police departments. Perhaps Holder is right, his office is not politicized, maybe criminalized is more accurate?

Reading on the union and organized crime connections, brings the IRS attacks on conservatives to mind, and Holder’s inability to see any crime by Lois Lerner’s targeting. Dinesh d’Souza might feel specially selected as well.

After Prohibition ended in 1933, major criminal organizations diversified and became increasingly powerful in the process. Gambling, loan-sharking, and the growth industry of narcotics distribution became important sources of criminal revenue as repeal threatened the proceeds from the illegal sale of alcohol.

The leadership of a labor union, for example, might seek to exploit the violent reputation of those involved in organized crime in order to pressure an employer to meet a demand for concessions.

Gee, do the WH backed marches against police departments sound like using violence to demand concessions? Sharpton would surely never do that. /sarc

A controlled border would be bad for the drug cartels and the human trafficking operations, so powerful people seem to keep it blocked. We build highways … building a border fence/wall is a shovel ready project. But Holder litigated against any states that dared slow the flow of illegals, even as Mexican cartels vastly expand all the way to Chicago.

Yeah, well…the fact that you have to address the issue kinda’, you know, strongly suggests that Thou Art Full Of It!

Some things, like one of the primary departments of Federal Government not being politicized, should be obvious to anyone with a casual association with the facts.

Yet, there your dumba$$ is, having to defend the Department you ‘lead’ AND your-dumba$$-self, from what is blatantly obvious to even the stray dogs walking past the DOJ building in DC.