This morning on FOX and Friends, Ann Coulter responded to buzz over Rudy Giuliani’s recent comments calling into question Obama’s love for America.

Calling the issue non-controversial, Coulter pointed out that if critics think Giuliani can’t see into Obama’s heart, then why are Democrats always calling conservatives racist? Can they see into our hearts?

She then goes on to point out reasons why one might arrive at such a conclusion about Obama.

This is classic Coulter. Watch the entire exchange below.

David Harsanyi makes a similar point, via The Federalist:

Sure Obama Loves America. His America.

“I know this is a horrible thing to say,” Rudy Giuliani reportedly told a group of conservative moneymen in New York this week, “but I do not believe that the president loves America.” This is, evidentially, the most disturbing example of othering the media has ever encountered.

The perception that Obama dislikes America is nothing new in conservative circles. Radio talk hosts have asked me numerous times – often, in creative ways – if I agree that the president “hates” America. Since none of us has the ability to bore into the souls of fellow humans and unlock all their hidden motivations, the question is distracting and irrelevant. And as political rhetoric goes it’s needlessly hyperbolic.

But really, is it that outrageous or surprising that so many Americans doubt whether the president “loves” the traditional role the United States has played on the world stage, or whether he “loves” the capitalism that’s defined us for the past 50 or 60 years, or whether he “loves” the Constitutional protections we have for religious freedoms, guns, or free speech?

Featured image via YouTube.


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