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VIDEO: Aftermath of the NYPD officer execution (#BlueLivesMatter #NYPD)

VIDEO: Aftermath of the NYPD officer execution (#BlueLivesMatter #NYPD)


The NY Post has released a new video showing the aftermath of yesterday’s brutal executions of NYPD police officers Rafael Ramos and Wenjian Liu. I don’t think any further introduction is necessary:

Gothamist has a good rundown of what we know so far about the executioners, and what witnesses saw:

A witness told the Daily News, “There were like 75 cops here and a bunch ran toward the subway after the guy. There was a huge police presence there. Even undercovers were coming out of nowhere.”

Witness Courtney Felix described to the Post, “The cops were struggling to get out of the vehicle. They were hanging onto their wounds… One was clutching at his neck and the other was holding onto his collarbone. One cop stumbled out of the driver’s side and he leaned over to fall down. He was trying to catch himself. He was mostly on the floor and he was fading out.”

Another witness told the News, “They basically dragged two cops out their car/ I saw it. One was shot in the face. There was blood coming out of his face.”
Lucy Winfree said to the News that the gunshots woke her and she went to the roof to see what was happening, “There was a cop on the ground and everyone was around him. Someone was doing CPR on the cop. They put him on a stretcher and they ran him into an ambulance. They load him in and they hauled a–.”

Apparently Con Ed workers also witnessed the shooting and saw the fleeing Brinsley: According to the Post, they “followed [Brinsley] in their Con Ed truck as he ambled away from the carnage, still holding his silver Taurus semi-automatic. When they confronted Brinsley on the street, attempting to stop him, Brinsley leveled the gun at the two workers, and asked them, ‘You want some of this?’ The two backed off, and Brinsley ducked into the nearby G-train station.” The Con Ed workers then called the police to say he went into the station.

At this point, all we can do is pray for the families and colleagues. If you want to get involved in some #Hashtivism and beat back the radical narrative, you can follow the #BlueLivesMatter hashtag on Twitter.


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I guess this is further proof that cops need to wear audio/video body cameras. Right?

Sure, after the race-baiting Al Sharptons and his ilk wear them first.

I’d like to hear and see what he and his ilk say and do in private when there aren’t TV cameras to which they can playact.

Interesting times we live in (Chinese proverb connotation) when a racist demagogue goes to bed an MSNBC show host and wakes up a de facto movie studio boss.

Where did this accomplice to murder get such leverage? (Rhetorical question.)

Headline I’m expecting:

“NY Suicide Victim Remembered as Troubled Gentle Giant.”

Civil society is about as delicate as a Faberge egg.

No law and order = No Justice + No Peace.

So, very, very sad.

legacyrepublican | December 21, 2014 at 5:16 pm

I think the shooter should be called “Son of Al ( Sharpton ). and this should be called “The Son of Al shooting.”

RIP. My condolences to the officers’ families. I am so sorry.

Warren Wilhelm, Jr. (Bill diBlasio) needs to resign.


The WRONG Rev. Al needs to be fired.


I am so profoundly sorry for the families of the dead NYPD officers. Such a horrible loss for them to live with for the rest of their lives. Killed in cold blood doing a difficult job, a job whose importance is neither understood nor appreciated by the mayor of their city.

May God hold their souls in his loving hands.

Obama, DeBlasio, and Sharpton have the blood of these cops on their hands.

May God have mercy on the souls of these officers and enter them into His rest. May He comfort their families and give them the peace that only He can give.

May God have mercy on the country and people of the USA. Our social fabric is rent, and the head of our government has been most instrumental in tearing it. May God have mercy on Obama’s soul for what he has done to this country.

obama, Sharpton, holder, jackson, de blasio –

nbc, abc, cbs, ny slimes –

They all have one thing in common, they care nothing for the lives of anyone, of any color. They care nothing for the lives of a few police officers. Only when pain hits them straight in the gut will they “pretend” to care. They are shameless.

So are the people who put them in power. They pretend to care about the lives, but they have only one thing in common –