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#PoliceLivesMatter too

#PoliceLivesMatter too

The hashtag for all of us.

Yes, I agree that #BlackLivesMatter. So do all other lives, including the lives of police (of all races) who keep us from the abyss.

Remember Officer David Smith never lived to tell about enraged perp who stole his service gun.

Someone started a hashtag, #PoliceLivesMatter.

Seems worth retweeting some of these tweets, don’t ya think?

Update 12-8-2014:


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‘Bout time.

Also, in today’s San Diego Union-Tribune, there is an article with crime statistics, which shows that blacks are 5% of the population, 27% of the victims and 29% of the arrestees for violent crimes in that city. The police force is 6% black. (The article is still not online).

To the extent we support the police in doing their jobs in the rough parts of town, law-abiding blacks disproportionately benefit. That is fine with me.

    JackRussellTerrierist in reply to Valerie. | December 8, 2014 at 3:24 pm

    If blacks didn’t commit crime at a rate so disproportionate to their total representation within the entire population, law enforcement costs would be much lower.

    Those law-abiding blacks you speak of choose to build the “communities” that breed the racial hatred blacks demonstrate against all other races and the young people of their ranks that commit the crimes. They need to shut down the violent music, turn off the pro-black culture nonsense on TV and start policing their kids. They need to ride herd on them every day and relentlessly apply discipline to undesirable behaviors. As long as they condone the behavior by silence and failure to discipline, they really are wholly ‘law-abiding’.

    The bottom line is that black Americans, law-abiding or not, need to dump that chip on their shoulder that decades of race-mongering has planted and CHANGE their sick culture.

Received this is an email yesterday. I checked each one and these incidents are real. I did not check the detail other than these officers were killed. In the last instance the police officer’s brother happened to be present and shot the man who killed his brother. As the last line says: draw your own conclusions.

Does anyone remember Detective Melvin Santiago? He was a Jersey City police officer who was shot to death just a few months ago, on July 13th. Santiago was white. His killer, Lawrence Campbell, was black. Does anyone recall Obama appearing before national television and calling for justice for Officer Santiagos family? Does anyone recall Eric Holder rushing to Jersey City to see that justice was done?

How about Officer Jeffrey Westerfield. He was a Gary, Indiana police officer who was shot to death last summer on July 6th. Westerfield was white. His killer, Carl LeEllis Blount, Jr. Was black. Where was Obama? Where was Holder?

Or Officer Perry Renn? He was an Indianapolis, Indiana police officer who was shot to death just last summer on July 5th, the day before Officer Westerfield was killed. Officer Renn was white. His killer, Major Davis, was black. I don’t recall any mention by Obama about the untimely death of Officer Renn. And, I doubt that Eric Holder rushed to Indianapolis to make sure justice was done. Or, maybe I just missed it.

Vermillion Parish Deputy Sheriff Allen Bares was gunned down by two men just last June 23rd in Louisiana. Deputy Bares was white. His two killers, Quintlan Richard and Baylon Taylor, were black. Was Obama outraged? Did Eric Holder rush to Louisiana to make sure that the family of Deputy Bares found justice?

Right here in our own state, Detective Charles Dinwiddie of the Killeen (Texas) Police Department was murdered by Marvin Lewis Guy, a black male. Officer Dinwiddie was white. This happened on May 11th, just a few months ago. I don’t even recall seeing anything about that on the news. Certainly, the white citizens in Killeen didn’t take to the streets to loot and burn businesses. Again, I don’t recall any mention by Obama or Holder.

Then, there is Officer Kevin Jordan of the Griffin, Georgia Police Department. He was gunned down just six months ago on May 31st. Officer Jordan was black. His killer, Michael Bowman, was white. This was a white man murdering a black police officer. Where was Jesse Jackson? Where was “The Reverend” Al Sharpton? Was there looting and burning on the streets of Griffin, Georgia? No. In fact, I don’t recall hearing about this one in the news, as well. Why? You can draw your own conclusions.

Over the past 6 months, there have been five reported deaths of police officers by gunshot in the US. Of those, four were white officers who were murdered by black men. Blacks complain that white officers threat black men more aggressively on the street. You can draw your own conclusions on that one, as well.

All I can say is, “Thanks, Prof., for posting that tribute by Margaret Flisk to her fallen dad”.

How about Virginia police officer Kevin Quick: He was carjacked, kidnapped, and murdered by members of the black street gang 99 Goon Syndikat.

Eric Holder has said that there will be no attempt to get the death penalty for these animals. Of course.

It is not an “us against them” issue. Police work is a dangerous job but so are many other occupations. It is critical that police training not turn new officers into paranoid rookies who are too quick to shoot. It is also critical that police training provides as much officer survival training as possible. There has to be a balance and part of that balance is the community and its relationship to the local police.

When the Sharptons and Jacksons make police/community relations adversarial, the officers become overly reactive and the citizens become overly aggressive. Balance is lost and that is dangerous to both the police and the citizens.

These “protests” are more about attacking the social structure of this country than about any kind of social justice. The end game is concentrated power by collectivist radicals who hate America, freedom and this culture.

    pst314 in reply to Anchovy. | December 7, 2014 at 10:36 pm

    “These ‘protests’ are more about attacking the social structure of this country…”
    Agreed. The Sharptons and Holders are as much our enemies as any street gang.

Riverside officer Ryan Bonaminio – he was chasing the perp on foot, slipped – the perp came back and started beating him with a metal pipe, took his gun and while the officer begged for his life, executed him.

Don’t forget one of the most infamous cop killers: Mumia Abu-Jamal, who is Black, killed White Police Officer Daniel Faulkner execution-style. The Left praises Abu-Jamal as one of their saints, claiming he’s a “political prisoner”, even though there was more than sufficient evidence including eyewitnesses that proved he was the one that killed Faulkner.