Are the folks at Jeopardy trolling us?

Via The Wall Street Journal, here are questions (and the answers) about Elizabeth Warren asked on a recent episode of Jeopardy:

1) In 2012, Elizabeth Warren was elected a senator from this state.
Answer: What is Massachusetts?
Mr. Trebek: You got it.

2) Mrs. Warren is on the Senate committee known as HELP: Health, Education, Labor and these retirement benefits.
Answer: (incorrect) What is Social Security?
Answer: (correct) What are pensions?
Mr. Trebek: P stands for pensions, correct.

3) Elizabeth chaired the Congressional oversight panel for this program, whose 4-letter abbreviation sounds like a canvas cover.
Answer: What is TARP?

4) An expert on bankruptcy, Elizabeth Warren wrote a 2008 text on the essentials of this part of the bankruptcy code.
Answer (incorrect): What is Chapter 13?
Answer (correct) What is Chapter 11?

5) Mrs. Warren championed the creation of and was the interim director of this bureau, CFPB for short.
Answer: Contestants are stumped

Okay, I’ll take the bait.

Here are 5 alternative questions for the next time Jeopardy covers the topic in its regular rounds:

1) Warren claimed to have the heritage of the these Native American tribes.

Answer: What are Cherokee and Delaware.

2) Warren says she listed herself as Native American for the purpose of a law professor directory used for hiring purposes in the 1980s so she could meet others like her, in order to do this.

Answer: What is have lunch.

3) In connection with breast implant litigation for which Warren claimed during the 2012 Senate campaign to have fought for women, Warren actually represented this company which was trying to avoid liability.

Answer: What is Dow Chemical.

4) A social movement for which Warren claimed to provide the intellectual foundation.

Answer: What is Occupy Wall Street.

5) Warren identified this type of business person who needed to pay more for use of the roads the rest of us paid for.

Answer: What is Factory Owners.

Final Jeopardy Question:

Elizabeth Warren claimed to be the first woman to do this during the New Jersey bar exam.

Answer: What is Nurse her child.


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