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Martha Robertson raising money, but still in hiding (#NY23)

Martha Robertson raising money, but still in hiding (#NY23)

Local Radio host: “We cannot get Martha Robertson to come on any, I want to underline that, any of our programs or to react to any charges made against her.”

Recent fundraising filings show that Democrat challenger Martha Robertson has raised a fair amount of money in her challenge to incumbent Tom Reed in my home district NY-23. Robertson is a DCCC “red to blue” designee, so it’s not surprising that money is flowing to her.

But Robertson is not spending much — which is consistent with what I’ve noticed, that she’s all but non-existent in the media and the campaign trail. And she’s still ducking the media, as noted by the host in the local radio interview I did the other day:

“We cannot get Martha Robertson to come on any, I want to underline that, any of our programs or to react to any charges made against her.”

This is consistent with a pattern we have seen before, Martha Robertson’s hiding act becomes campaign issue in #NY23.

When I tried to ask her questions at a public forum at Cornell, she was evasive and her handlers tried to shut me down.

Laying low may not be helping Robertson. The Buffalo News reports that Robertson’s campaign fundraising strength may not reflect actual competitiveness:

The race for Congress in the Southern Tier’s 23rd district remains financially competitive, with Democrat Martha Robertson having almost as much money on hand as incumbent Republican Rep. Tom Reed to wage the rest of the campaign.

Reports filed with the Federal Election Commission Tuesday showed Reed, of Corning, with $1.27 million on hand, while Robertson, who chairs the Tompkins County Legislature, had $1.13 million as of June 30.

Reed has raised nearly $1 million more than Robertson throughout the campaign, but he’s also spent far more – $1.48 million.

The numbers released Tuesday contribute to a growing debate among Washington political pros as to how competitive the Southern Tier race really is.

“She’s demonstrated she’s a credible candidate, and the Republicans have to take her seriously,” Nathan Gonzales of the Rothenberg Political Report said of Robertson.

But David Wasserman, House editor of the Cook Political Report, said Robertson’s strong fundraising doesn’t compensate for her “weak messaging” and strongly liberal leanings.

“In a district that favors a middle-of-the-road candidate, she’s run as anything but that,” said Wasserman, adding that the Cook Political Report may soon reclassify the race, moving it from “lean Republican” to “likely Republican.”

The Robertson campaign is among the strangest I’ve seen in the several years we’ve been covering elections. They have her cloistered and handled, presumably in the hope that after Labor Day they can roll her out without time for people to figure out that she is too liberal for the district. And I doubt we have heard the last of her fundraising scandal, where her campaign falsely claimed GOP operatives tried to take down her website during a crucial fundraising period.

Reed already is hammering Robertson, and likely raising her negatives so that by the time she rolls out her campaign after Labor Day, it may be too late, Fact Check: Mostly true that Martha Robertson “Out of This World” (#NY23). I saw this ad on TV:

Support for Obamacare and single payer and opposition to fracking are unlikely to fly outside of Ithaca.

Ithaca is not the District. It’s just 10 Square Miles Surrounded By Reality.


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Martha should have gone to the Beer Summit at the WH today for a photo op. She blew it.

Obama says they’ll discuss how the federal government can help state and tribal leaders be more resilient to climate change.

My answer to this greatest of all crises is to completely ignore anything King Macbeth says and drink all his beer.

Look at where the money Reed gets comes from, and where Robertson’s money comes from. She has out raised him in New York State by over $99,000, and in the NY23rd—where the votes come from, out raised him 3.5 to 1 ($647,000 to $182,000). Look up the term “Grass Roots” and see review what happen to Eric Cantor. Reed’s money from the Insurance, and Gal/Oil Industries will buy him ads but will turn off the voters. Hey, why doesn’t he start fake Robertson Websites, have fake Green Party candidates, and put pictures of himself with real pigs at the fair on his Facebook page? Oink. That will get him votes. LOL.

From some obscure radio host (we are not told who):“We cannot get Martha Robertson to come on any, I want to underline that, any of our programs or …*to react to any charges made against her*….. .”

Well there’s your problem! You’re looking for the kindergarten level of ” reaction ” Tom Reed uses when faced with facts – that being blaming everyone but himself for his actions and votes. (The all time favorite? After voting to shut the United States government down Tom Reed says: ” it was a difficult call, we just found ourselves there.”

Martha Robertson doesn’t need to sink to Tom Reed’s childish level of cartoon laced articles from an obscure elitist – she has NY 23rd district’s hearts and donations.

Wow. The Trolls are out in force trying to shore up Robertson.

NY-23 ought to know better than to elect a candidate willing to embrace “single-payer.” Further, Robertson’s opposition to fracking is costing an obscene amount of economic growth, in a place that could desperately use it.

The link to Reed/Robertson’s NYS and NY23rd District contributions are from the Open Secrets website:

The link to Reed’s PAC’s contributors:

The link to the fake Facebook page:

The link to the fake website:

The link to an article about the fake Green Party candidates:

If you want to see Rep. Reed and the pigs, you’ll need to go to Tom Reed’s Facebook page (The campaign one, not his official one.) It was posted on Saturday or Sunday. Go to the house section, put the cursor over the 23rd, they give Reed a 98% chance of winning. I’d say Robertson is not very competitive. Cook spokesperson says Robertson’s strong fund raising doesn’t compensate for her “weak messaging” and strongly liberal leanings and that Robertson has made up another “fact” claiming the Reed is a millionaire when he is far short of that. Robertson seems quite shameless in making things up that just don’t stand scrutiny. Also says Cook, they may soon move the race from leans Republican to likely Republican. Again, not “very competitive.”

Democrats are wasting their money on Robertson, she is the wrong candidate for the 23rd district, just too liberal.

Oh my golly…we ought to give up right now. (What chance did they give Eric Cantor to win?)