If you have not heard of Marisa DeFranco before, you probably think from the title that this post is about what Massachusetts liberals like to refer to as a Right Wing Extremist.

But no, Legal Insurrection readers have known for years that Marisa DeFranco is a true blue collar, real thing liberal from Massachusetts.  I prefer that any day to the sniveling snots.

The Democratic machine hates DeFranco because she was not afraid to call out Elizabeth Warren’s ethnic chicanery in 2012.  So at the party convention they kicked DeFranco off the primary ballot even though she had enough signatures to qualify, in order to clear the path for Warren.

In 2014, the Democratic machine is pretending that DeFranco doesn’t exist.

Even though she was, at the time, the only candidate to submit all the signatures needed in the primary to challenge incumbent Democrat John Tierney, the DCCC left her out of polling to make it seem like Tierney was a lock.  But they left in a male challenger.

The Democrat machine did it again when Nancy Pelosi came to town recently for a tour promoting women in Congress.  They gave Tierney the stage, but would not even acknowledge DeFranco’s presence to the audience.

Now a third dig, this time from The Boston Globe.  In a story about Pelosi’s women’s rights tour, the Globe left someone off the list of challengers to Tierney.  That would be … (drum roll) … Marisa DeFranco.

That led to a Letter to the Editor of The Globe which is succinct and makes the point, Globe, Pelosi overlook one strong woman candidate in Mass. (emphasis added):

RE MEGHAN E. Irons’ article about Nancy Pelosi’s visit to Boston (“Getting on equal footing,” Metro, June 3):

After reading the article I was left very disappointed by the fact that Marisa DeFranco, the Democratic congressional candidate for Massachusetts’ Sixth District, was not mentioned in the article. It was particularly disappointing to me that the article only mentioned the male Democratic candidates because the topic that the article covered was women’s economic and political progress.

I find it unsettling that an article about an event promoting women’s success has neglected to mention a woman candidate who has the support of many voters in the Sixth District. DeFranco is a strong candidate and deserves the same recognition as her male opponents.

Eralba Germenji


Seriously, what are the Massachusetts liberal Doughboys and Doughgirls afraid of?


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