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Female Democratic candidate charges War on Women … by Democratic machine

Female Democratic candidate charges War on Women … by Democratic machine

Marisa DeFranco alleges “Democratic machine has lost all credibility on the so-called War on Women” after DCCC omits her from poll in MA-06

You may remember Marisa DeFranco, the plain-talking, no-nonsense, old-fashioned working class liberal Massachusetts Democrat who filed more than enough ballot petition signatures to challenge Elizabeth Warren in the 2012 Democratic Primary — and then was kept off the ballot at the Democratic State Convention, which wanted a clear field for Warren.

The Democratic Party machine doesn’t seem to like DeFranco.

Maybe it was her comments about Elizabeth Warren’s Cherokee-gate:

“I’m not going to go into her mind and what goes on there. All I can speak to is what everyone else sees.”

“The question also is with Harvard. If Harvard were better at having a diverse professorship, it would not have to put someone who appears as white as I am out there as minority.”

“Even if she is 1/32 [Cherokee], diversity is about people being discriminated against based on what we see. You can’t say someone is a diversity hire if everyone in the general public would not identify the person that way.”

Or maybe they don’t like that she would have voted against Obamacare, and still doesn’t like the law, viewing it as a sell out to insurance companies.  She also lambasts the misleading sales pitch:

“I would never have gone along with the party line that ‘if you like your doctor, you can keep your doctor under Obamacare’ because, unlike Congressman Tierney, I would have read the bill and told you what was in it before it was voted on,” DeFranco said in announcing her candidacy this week. “Courage and leadership mean standing up to your own party sometimes.”

Whatever the reason, the powers in the Democratic Party are at it again, this time trying to damage DeFranco’s bid to unseat Democrat John Tierney in the MA-06 primary race.

Tierney barely squeaked through in 2012 against Republican Richard Tisei, even though Obama trounced Romney in the state.

The Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee recently ran a primary poll, which it touted to the press, showing Tierney in a commanding lead — but it left DeFranco out of the poll. As if she didn’t exist. Even though she is the only one who already has filed the requisite papers to make the ballot (and there’s no convention this time to knock DeFranco out).

According to the Lowell Sun, the DCCC is unapologetic about leaving DeFranco out of the poll:

Marc Brumer, a spokesman for the committee, said “the poll speaks for itself,” when asked why DeFranco was not included.

DeFranco is crying foul. She has issued a press release accusing Democrats of a War on Women against her:

War On Women In Massachusetts’ Sixth District

The Democratic Party holds itself out as the champion of women, but in a blatantly sexist move, the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee commissioned a poll in our race and omitted Marisa’s name from the poll. Yes, the party that has howled about the “War on Women” left Marisa out of the poll even though she is the only candidate to date who has qualified for the ballot in the 6th District of Massachusetts. Keeping a candidate out of a poll effectively mutes her voice and keeps voters in the dark as to their choices in a race….

This sexist double standard is unacceptable. Who needs Mitt Romney’s etch-a-sketch when the Democratic machine can just as easily write a woman off with an eraser? If only 18% of Congress is women, and there is only 1 Democratic woman governor in the whole country, whose fault is that?

I spoke with DeFranco tonight.

DeFranco stated to me that the “Democratic machine has lost all credibility on the so-called War on Women” considering how it has acted in MA-06.

DeFranco said she’s not “part of the club” and that the Democratic machine acts in MA-06 as if “it’s our tree house, girls stay out, we’ll take care of defending it.”

I questioned DeFranco as to whether she thought the DCCC was “putting its thumb on the scale” in favor of Tierney, and she agreed.

I also questioned how she could accuse the Democratic machine of a War on Women when it ran people like Elizabeth Warren. DeFranco stated that the big difference was that unlike Warren she’s not an “upper echelon” woman who has “access to money and rich friends to raise money for them.” She added, “only wealthy women need apply.”

“The Democratic Party can’t crow over the select list of women they’ve elected,” DeFranco said, since the Congress is nowhere near 50% women.

I don’t think DeFranco has made any more friends in the Democratic machine, with these comments.

But she’ll be on the ballot, so she doesn’t need to impress the machine.

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and there is only 1 Democratic woman governor in the whole country, whose fault is that?

nobodies fault. I would call it good voting….

De Franco sounds like a genuine article. I think she is in the wrong party because the DCC does not represent her views.

If most Democrats were all like her, I might still have some hope for honest government in this country. Hell, if most REPUBLICANS were like her we would be a lot better off.

Of course the DCCC mistreats women with the audacity of hope to challenge an incumbent. They and other Democrats, right up to and including Obama, mistreat women as a matter of course.

Women only vote Democratic if they are gullible. Unfortunately, many seem to be, especially single women.

Single men are stupid, too – marriage makes both sexes smarter – but the types of stupid things they do don’t usually include voting for Democrats.

The DCCC is treating DeFranco like Democrats treat black Republicans in general – with denigration and dismissively.

DeFranco and black Republicans do not speak the ‘forked-tongue’ lingo that low-information voters connect with. Liz Warren, of course, was a perfect fit for them.

    “The DCCC is treating DeFranco like Democrats treat black Republicans in general – with denigration and dismissively.”

    And how the Establishment, Rove, and the Chamber of Commerce treats the Tea Party candidates.

Until she pledges that she won’t caucus with the Dems or changes party, I’ll assume she’s still one of them. I like the idea of her sticking her thumb in their eye, don’t get me wrong, but I prefer to resist Stockholm syndrome.

DeFranco is very much into NOW (has held offices in that organization) and specializes in immigration law. I hardly think she is even close to being “one of us”. I think Rosalie has the answer. DeFranco is being treated by the DCCC as our candidates are being treated by the GOP establishment. Our side just seems to be more prolific in doing so.

Marissa is the daughter of two of my HS classmates from Erie, PA. Dad is an MD and mom a nurse. Both came from hard working Italian families and both are top of the line solid citizens and wonderful people who I have kept up with over the years. Her dad was in a terrible auto accident a number of years ago which cut short his very successful medical practice. He was beloved by his patients who were devastated when he had to retire. Mom was a great nurse who is now retired. I have followed Marissa since she put up a very spirited, but underfunded primary campaign against the pre-anointed Princess Feauxcahontas. The MA Sixth District would do well to elect her because she is a plain-speaking fighter and willing to buck the kingmakers.

Many thanks to WAJ for featuring her here.