We mentioned before how Christian Zionist college student Chloe Valdary has come under highly racialized attack from anti-Israel Jewish leftists like Richard Silverstein, The ugly, repugnant attack on a pro-Israel black American student:


She also is a frequent target of other anti-Zionist fanatics who find a unique threat in a black American female Zionist, because dividing people along racial lines is a key anti-Israel boycott tactic.

In this interview at the AIPAC conference, Valdary explains how she has dealt with the attacks, how her Zionism is consistent with that of the great civil rights leaders of the 1960s and why (at 2:20):

“As a free woman of color, of course I would be a Zionist, it’s only natural”

Valdary also discussed her own experiences in Israel, and the modern blood libel that Israel is an Apartheid state (at 8:45):

“There is no Apartheid in Israeli society … it’s an insult to the people who suffered from Apartheid in South Africa”

(Via CiFWatch)

Valdary goes into even more depth about the racism of the anti-Israel left in this interview:


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