Martha Robertson is the Emily’s List-backed, “Red to Blue” designated challenger to Republican Tom Reed in my home NY-23 District.

She is a Democratic star candidate, and money is pouring into the somewhat competitive District at a furious pace.

But is Robertson just another Alex Sink? Someone destined to break Democrats’ hearts because, in Robertson’s case, she is just too left-wing for the centrist, Republican-leaning district?

We have covered the race extensively, including Robertson’s misleading (if not outright false) fundraising claim that GOP operatives tried to take down her website, her strong support for Obamacare as a stepping stone to single payer, and questionable history with regard to rejecting the unpopular NY SAFE Act.

In a region starving for jobs and losing our young people, Robertson has staked her candidacy on preventing the fracking job boom which has added over a quarter million jobs in Pennsylvania, which borders the NY-23 District. Heaven forbid the struggling Southern Tier of NY State should get to participate in that.

The Reed campaign recently posted a video that sums up the Robertson agenda:

“In my heart of hearts, the very most important issue is climate change.”


If so, Robertson is almost alone in that sentiment.

This Pew Research chart lists the priorities of the electorate as of late January 2014 — be sure to scroll really, really far down so you can find “Dealing with Global Warming“:

“The American public routinely ranks dealing with global warming low on its list of priorities for the president and Congress. This year, it ranked second to last among 20 issues tested.”

I need some reader help on this next one, because my eyesight isn’t great. Where on this January 2014 Quinnipiac poll list of priorities is climate change or global warming?

Quinnipiac Poll Priorities Jan 2014

(added) Does this all sound familiar? Alex Sink Rides Global Warming Alarmism to Surprise Congressional Defeat in FL-13:

The national media this morning are calling Democrat Alex Sink’s surprise defeat in a bellwether special Congressional election yesterday a foreboding referendum on Obamacare. Perhaps this is so, but only slightly less noteworthy is Sink supporters’ failed attempt to turn victorious Republican David Jolly’s global warming skepticism into a political albatross.

Having just moved into Florida’s U.S. House District 13, I was shocked these past two weeks to discover how global warming became the central issue dominating television’s political commercials. Granted, I haven’t been watching much television, as moving from one house to another has been nearly a full-time job. Nevertheless, it seemed I couldn’t go 15 minutes into my limited viewing schedule without seeing the same Sierra Club/League of Conservation Voters commercial excoriating Jolly for being a global warming skeptic….

Jolly didn’t even fight back against the constant global warming political onslaught. He never answered the Sierra Club/League of Conservation Voters attacks with a defense of his views on global warming, energy and the environment. He simply let Sink’s supporters sink their political war chest on what turned out to be a loser political strategy.

I haven’t seen polling on this issue in the District, but outside of Ithaca, I doubt “climate change” is near the top of voters’ priorities.

UPDATE: This Gallup Poll came out yesterday (h/t Courtney Heitkamp) with similar results:

Gallup Voter Priority Poll March 2014

(Featured Image Source: Vimeo)


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