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Star Dem Candidate: “the very most important issue is climate change”

Star Dem Candidate: “the very most important issue is climate change”

Is Martha Robertson (NY-23) just another Alex Sink, someone destined to break Democrats’ hearts?

Martha Robertson is the Emily’s List-backed, “Red to Blue” designated challenger to Republican Tom Reed in my home NY-23 District.

She is a Democratic star candidate, and money is pouring into the somewhat competitive District at a furious pace.

But is Robertson just another Alex Sink? Someone destined to break Democrats’ hearts because, in Robertson’s case, she is just too left-wing for the centrist, Republican-leaning district?

We have covered the race extensively, including Robertson’s misleading (if not outright false) fundraising claim that GOP operatives tried to take down her website, her strong support for Obamacare as a stepping stone to single payer, and questionable history with regard to rejecting the unpopular NY SAFE Act.

In a region starving for jobs and losing our young people, Robertson has staked her candidacy on preventing the fracking job boom which has added over a quarter million jobs in Pennsylvania, which borders the NY-23 District. Heaven forbid the struggling Southern Tier of NY State should get to participate in that.

The Reed campaign recently posted a video that sums up the Robertson agenda:

“In my heart of hearts, the very most important issue is climate change.”


If so, Robertson is almost alone in that sentiment.

This Pew Research chart lists the priorities of the electorate as of late January 2014 — be sure to scroll really, really far down so you can find “Dealing with Global Warming“:

“The American public routinely ranks dealing with global warming low on its list of priorities for the president and Congress. This year, it ranked second to last among 20 issues tested.”

I need some reader help on this next one, because my eyesight isn’t great. Where on this January 2014 Quinnipiac poll list of priorities is climate change or global warming?

Quinnipiac Poll Priorities Jan 2014

(added) Does this all sound familiar? Alex Sink Rides Global Warming Alarmism to Surprise Congressional Defeat in FL-13:

The national media this morning are calling Democrat Alex Sink’s surprise defeat in a bellwether special Congressional election yesterday a foreboding referendum on Obamacare. Perhaps this is so, but only slightly less noteworthy is Sink supporters’ failed attempt to turn victorious Republican David Jolly’s global warming skepticism into a political albatross.

Having just moved into Florida’s U.S. House District 13, I was shocked these past two weeks to discover how global warming became the central issue dominating television’s political commercials. Granted, I haven’t been watching much television, as moving from one house to another has been nearly a full-time job. Nevertheless, it seemed I couldn’t go 15 minutes into my limited viewing schedule without seeing the same Sierra Club/League of Conservation Voters commercial excoriating Jolly for being a global warming skeptic….

Jolly didn’t even fight back against the constant global warming political onslaught. He never answered the Sierra Club/League of Conservation Voters attacks with a defense of his views on global warming, energy and the environment. He simply let Sink’s supporters sink their political war chest on what turned out to be a loser political strategy.

I haven’t seen polling on this issue in the District, but outside of Ithaca, I doubt “climate change” is near the top of voters’ priorities.

UPDATE: This Gallup Poll came out yesterday (h/t Courtney Heitkamp) with similar results:

Gallup Voter Priority Poll March 2014

(Featured Image Source: Vimeo)


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1. Ooo…lookit the bossy empowered body language in those two images.

(It might be interesting to collate images of female Democrats running for the House & similar positions. It wouldn’t entirely surprise me if many attended the same DCCC-sponsored campaigning clinics & it shows. (Hey, they’re programmed to think and talk alike, why not pose alike? (Is party-funded cosmetic surgery next? (Not that Republicans are exempt from the foregoing…))))

2. The fact that climate change is such a low public priority demonstrates that voters don’t know what’s good for them and have to be controlled guided by enlightened elites, i.e. by people like…Martha Robertson!

People might have more rspect for Climate Change if those espousing action the most didn’t also have the biggest “carbon footprints.”

Always good when moonbats self-identify.

She might get away with that in San Francisco, Nuevo Ork or Boston.

Humphrey's Executor | March 13, 2014 at 3:29 pm

Climate change should be of concern to folks in ice-age-glacier prone areas like upstate New York.

I think it is GREAT that Emily’s List is all in backing Robertson. It helps demonstrate that they are nothing but a bunch of dumb clucks with too much money who will support any female who promises to keep killing babies legal.

Robertson’s outlier views on “climate change” won’t have much effect. People who will vote for someone that stupid and dishonest don’t really care about issues (with the possible exception of keeping whatever public gravy train they are personally riding upon flowing freely).


The Gallup poll is utterly meaningless. Giving people those choices will ALWAYS generate a high rate of “false positives” in the middle category “I worry about this a fair amount” – what does that even MEAN?

The Quinnipiac poll doesn’t rank “climate change” that low, it wasn’t a choice – which probably indicates it wasn’t mentioned enough to merit its own result. It was probably just lumped in with all “environmental” concerns, including the coming Ice Age.

Clamato Change promos make everyone in the world a ‘victim.’

Obamacare promos only made Americans ‘victims’ of “bad apple health insurance companies” and emergency rooms.

This means that wannabe ‘victims’ will vote for her like they voted for de Blasio – in order to save their low-information world.

MaggotAtBroadAndWall | March 13, 2014 at 4:44 pm

The Democrats climate change agenda is a war on poor people. The rich billionaire environmental zealots who finance Democrat campaigns don’t care that carbon taxes will cause energy, food, and transportation prices to rise, hurting poor and middle class Americans the most. Further, if enacted, global CO2 emissions will not fall because China and India have no intention of hurting their poor people the way Democrats want to hurt poor Americans. To top the farce off, if Democrats could they’d enact a cap and trade scheme whose only outcome will be to enrich Wall Street traders by giving them a new tool – trading carbon credits.

So far, Democrat polices have caused median incomes to decline by $4000. In addition to the climate change war on poor people, they also want to provide amnesty to several million illegal foreign invaders. Unemployment is already abnormally high. Granting those people amnesty will keep the unemployed out of work longer, and intensify the competition for low and no skill jobs. That will keep wages from rising. Who gets hurt? The poor and middle class.

The Democrat Party is essentially a fraud. It pretends to care about poor people but all of its policies are economically destructive, anti-growth and harm the poor and middle class.

    Maggot you could be describing what happened in Australia!! The maggots that we tossed out on their behinds from government will not accept that the people have spoken.

    The tax on the air that we breathe has proved very costly. Car manufacturing is about to cease in Australia because of the tax. Alcoa, the aluminium smelter is about to cease operations. The national airline QANTAS is shredding itself at a fast pace (if only the Irish Leprechaun, the CEO of QANTAS was sacked, that would save more than 10 million in a year)… and whether they will admit to the truth, that tax has a lot to do with what is happening.

    Like in the USA, it is the Senate that is causing issues at the present time. The legislation to repeal the iniquitous carbon tax has been passed in the lower house, but in the Senate the ALP/Greens have come together to stop it happening by refusing to pass the legislation. It is an all too familiar scenario and does Harry Reid proud.

    On the other hand, you do not have the likes of Sarah 2fathers to deal with….. this is the woman who made a real fool of herself and confused shows on TV with the real world.. and yes it was hilarious!!

Jeepers, Martha!! Maybe you and your doofus climate buds can get to the (frozen) bottom of the Glabal Warming Expedition getting frozen-in down there in Antarctica. Then, GASP, the rescuing ice breaker did too. Then the second ice breaker failed and the folks had to resort to other means.

But, even that bunch of frozen paradox/irony didn’t exceed the wonderment of the worst blizzard in decades hitting Denmark just when Obam-Bam and all the Global Warming Nutters were gathering there for for their yak-fest 3-years ago!!

CANNOT possibly make this s*** up!!

    I am killing myself laughing over this response.

    For those who do not know, this was an Australian expedition of silliness. The Professor responsible for the expeditiion believed that the Antartic was about to melt because of climate change, or something like that.

    The first thing that happened is that they discovered that there was a lot of ice in the ocean… but these idiots persist in their lies and they learned absolutely nothing at all about how wrong they are about this alleged climate change.

In my heart of hearts, the very most important issue is climate change.

———– ————- ————

Translation to common English:

I have no clue.
I am totally disconnected from the needs and priorities of those I want to represent.
Vote for me and I will “pass the bill to find out what is in it.”

If there was grant money available to study global cooling, you can bet there would be Penn State “scientists” talking about how many Empire State Buildings thick the coming glacier will be that will soon be covering NYC.

And, in this case, their tree ring data would be correct because there was one big chunk of ice covering NYC in the not too distant past (oh, for the good old days).

moonstone716 | March 13, 2014 at 5:40 pm

We’re getting a lot of useless soccer moms in politics now. I was afraid that would happen once their precious darlings went away to college. They think they have all the answers and if they just explain them to the rest of us, we’ll see reason and agree with them.

    Yes, Moonstone.

    The Robertsons and Sinks of the Jackass Party are exactly what that party wants. Stupid rubberstamp politicians. The worst part is that they believe they’re God’s gift to the masses.

    This has worked in the past. Have not the idiots Jackson-Lee from Texas, DeGette from Colorado and Johnson from Georgia been a sure-thing vote for the party line ever since taking office?

    This will still happen in the future in gerrymandered districts, but there are a lot of people seeing the ultimate results of such politicking and are getting fed up with it.

      Bruce Hayden in reply to Miles. | March 14, 2014 at 8:47 am

      DeGette, at least, and I suspect the others, represent ultra-safe districts. DeGette replaced Patsy Shroeder, of the bunny suit on the Great Wall of China fame, when the latter retired. Didn’t think she could be wackier than her predecessor, but is. Lived through DeGette’s first year in Congress in quarterly editions of our college news mag. Same year another alum was elected to the Senate, but we didn’t have his quarterly rants about how great it was to be now in Congress to contend with. Rather, he treated it with the respect and class it deserved. She left me, and probably a lot of others, believing that Denver had gone from wacky to downright idiotic, and that hasn’t changed over time. She is a Dem, so won’t be primaried, and couldn’t lose election if caught in bed with a 12 year old, dead or alive.

      Just don’t see a hard core wacko leftist winning a swing district in the upcoming wave election. What is she going to do about ObamaCare or the 5-6 year old Obama Recession? Some small, undefined tweaks to the former, like Sink? More Keynsean stimulus with money borrowed from grand kids for the latter?

    Anchovy in reply to moonstone716. | March 13, 2014 at 8:29 pm

    Now? Wuddaya mean now? Senator Mom In Tennis Shoes Patty Murray is something like the 3rd ranking Democrat and has been around since 1992.

    Patty Murray. A United States Senator. Just think about that for a while. Patty Murray a United States Senator since 1992. Just think about that for a while.

Politicians are so far out of touch these days, it’s absurd.

People have had enough.

Climate Change didn’t make the top worry 10 list in recent 2014 Gallop Poll.

People are twice as worried about the size and power of the federal government!!!



without “climate change” all life on the planet ceases. CO2 is required by trees. So … anti-CO2 people want all trees to die and anti-climate change people want everything to die.
I thought that the GOP was supposed to be the “stupid party”