More evidence that the Obamacare health insurance offerings are a cruel joke on the public.

We already have covered how there will be few doctors willing to see the millions more Medicaid patients — in many cases people who previously had private insurance.

We’ve also covered how insurance companies have no choice but to hike deductibles and narrow in-network provider networks in order to keep premiums artificially low. It’s all caused by Obamacare’s one-size fits all philosophy, loading up so-called acceptable plans with so many things most people don’t want or need that it raises the cost of insurance to unsustainable levels.

The reimbursement rates are so low for hospitals that even major research hospitals like Stonybrook Medical Center on Long Island are refusing to participate in any of the state health exchange plans unless reimbursement rates are renegotiated.

There is a cruel and heartless bureaucratic pox on the healthcare system, and we’re just in the infancy of seeing the symptoms.

The latest, from CBS News, in how in Washington State the major children’s hospital in Seattle is excluded from all but two of the Obamacare plans (via Marathon Pundit):

This is just the start. The first response inevitably will be a system of forced labor where doctors and other providers will be compelled by force of law to offer services through government plans under threat of license revocation or other punitive measures. And then, when the system is so screwed up it is beyond repair, single payer.

Obamacare is just the gateway drug to single payer.

If you don’t believe me, just listen to Martha Robertson, a Democratic Congressional Campaign Jumpstart candidate in NY-23:

we’ll get to single payer soon, but in the meantime [Obamacare] is what we have to do.”


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