Erick Erickson called Wendy Davis “Abortion Barbie” because of her cluelessness about the Gosnell shop of horrors at the same time she was fighting a proposed requirement that abortion clinics meet normal surgical center standards and abortion doctors have admitting privileges at local hostpitals.

When Davis stepped back from that position the other day and declared that she could support a ban on late-term abortions if there were sufficient “deference” given to the doctor-patient relationship, I suggested the proper analogy was Gumby not Barbie because “infinitely flexible positions now are the hallmark of Wendy Davis’ campaign.”

For that change in position on late term abortion, Davis was accused of “betrayal” by abortion advocates.

Davis, however, has changed her stance again, and now is back to opposing any ban on late-term abortions, because there is no amount of “deference” that could satisfy her, after all.

Via San Antonio Express, Wendy Davis says it would be ‘impossible’ for Legislature to devise appropriate 20-week ban on abortion:

State Sen. Wendy Davis got widespread attention when it was reported this week that she said she could have supported a Texas ban on abortion at 20 weeks if the legislation included enough deference to a woman and her doctor.

It was notable because her filibuster against a measure that included that ban and other tighter abortion restrictions launched her as a national political figure before she began her race for the Democratic nomination for governor.

Davis, however, told the San Antonio Express-News editorial board that she doesn’t think it’s possible for a 20-week ban to give enough deference to the decision-making of a woman and her doctor, and that she wouldn’t advocate for such a ban.

“I’ve been disappointed with how the reporting has characterized my conversation with the Dallas Morning News. What I tried to convey there was that it’s impossible for the Legislature to define artfully enough exceptions that will accommodate everyday situations that women are facing in that arena, and that it has to be left to a woman and her doctor,” Davis said Thursday.

She continued, “I would not advocate for a 20-week ban because I don’t believe that it can capture and respect and give due deference to decision-making that belongs between a woman and her doctor. And typically, of course, these abortions are occurring in tragic situations where women have not discovered that there’s a severe fetal abnormality, or that there is some risk to her own health, until her pregnancy is advanced to that stage.”


Barbie? No.

Gumby? No.

Political Contortionist?


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