We have faced the problem of the Big Google Algorithm in the Sky before.

Michele (Walk) Hansen noted at the time:

Michele Walk Hansen - Twitter Grayson Legal Insurrection Ad

Well, sure, some people got sick, sadistic enjoyment costing Alan Grayson money, but there was a problem:

The more you click his smirky face, the more the algorithm keeps placing his smirky face here, the more you click, the more he smirks, etc.

Where does it all end? What is our exit strategy?

Now Vicious Smirkle Part 3.  All our coverage of Wendy Davis is causing her ads to show up here.

This screen capture was sent to me by a reader:

Wendy Davis Advertisement Legal Insurrection

I also noticed a similar ad in the sidebar, and grabbed this screenshot:

Wendy Davis Ad Legal Insurrection Sidebar Large


What can we do to escape this vicious smirkle?


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