In my now classic post on December 3, 2011, Vicious smirkle, I explained the conundrum wrapped in a paradox sitting on top of a puzzle, the algorithms which feed ads to Legal Insurrection and most other blogs:

Michele Walk has noticed that Alan Grayson is gracing these pages with great frequency, and adds “I hope people are clicking on the ads — nothing sweeter than making Grayson pay conservative bloggers!”


I fully understand sentiment, but … that may create a vicious smirkle.

The more you click his smirky face, the more the algorithm keeps placing his smirky face here, the more you click, the more he smirks, etc.

Where does it all end? What is our exit strategy?

It’s happening again.  Reader “Granny” is upset she keeps seeing anti-Republican ads here:

Did you know that your page is displaying an ad … that says “Tell the GOP to stop the obstructionism”? The GOP? How about Harry Reid?

Advertisement - Anti Boehner at LI

I think your site has been specifically targeted to bombard with anti-GOP and pro Dem signage – here is another series I caught just now, again 3 ads down the side of the page. This goes to[xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx]

Have also seen ads for Cory Booker and at least one other problematic ad. Doesn’t Google ads allow you to specifically disallow ads political ads from the opposite viewpoint? The big ad servers used to allow that.

I have no answer to this problem. No exit strategy. No nothin’.


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