The news of the day is that John Podesta, the founder and head of The Center for American Progress,  is becoming a White House advisor.  The NY Times reports, Ex-Clinton Aide Expected to Join Obama:

President Obama, after a rocky year that leaves him at the lowest ebb of his presidency, is bringing into his White House circle the longtime Democratic strategist John D. Podesta, a former chief of staff for President Bill Clinton.

 Mr. Podesta, who has agreed to serve as counselor for a year, led Mr. Obama’s presidential transition in 2008 and has been an outside adviser since then. He also has occasionally criticized the administration, if gently, from his perch as the founder and former president of the Center for American Progress, a center-left public policy research group that has provided personnel and policy ideas to the administration.

CAP  runs the Tea Party-bashing, race-card playing, Koch Brothers-obsessed Think Progress website, most infamous for its misleading video charging the Tea Party with racism, and a co-sponsor of the now-defunct Tea Party Tracker website.

Podesta has been extremely effective, with The Washington Free Beacon documenting How the Center for American Progress conquered America

While many are expressing surprise that someone so closely connected to the Clintons would be brought on board, that surprise ignores the fact, as we reported in December 2011, that White House and Think Progress merger complete:

The Center for American Progress (CAP), the George Soros funded Democratic messaging machine, runs the aggressive Think Progress website.

Think Progress is obsessed with attacking the Tea Party movement as racist, the Koch Brothers as evil manipulators, and Clarence Thomas as corrupt. Think Progress blogger Matthew Yglesias helped ignite the false story that Sarah Palin’s electoral map was connected to the Gabrielle Giffords shooting.

Think Progress is the public face of CAP, dominating news cycles with its relentless attacks on anyone who opposes Obama.

CAP, which was run for years by former Clinton adviser John Podesta, now is run by a former Obama campaign staffer, Neera Tanden.

Now the White House is bringing a senior CAP strategist Jennifer Palmieri into the White House to help prepare for the 2012 campaign…..

A senior Obama campaign official now runs CAP and Think Progress. A senior CAP strategist now helps run the 2012 campaign from inside the White House. The full embrace of CAP and Think Progress by the White House is just another sign that 2012 will be the nastiest campaign ever, with the truth the first victim.

The merger of the White House and Think Progress is just about complete. Think Progress is in control, or is the Obama campaign, or is there no difference anymore?

The symbiotic relationship between CAP and The White House apparently wasn’t enough. The question is, who now is calling the shots?