There is a reason the entire left side of the nation arose with their hopes and prayers seeming to be answered as soon as Noam Scheiber raised the possibility of an Elizabeth Warren challenge to Hillary.

It was as if a great, lumbering, stale weight had been lifted from their souls.

Even if it all was just speculation without any basis in reality, the mere possibility that they would not be stuck with Hillary reminded them of that moment in Minneapolis in 2008 when the rise of the oceans began to slow and our planet began to heal.

Markos tried to calm the troops, Sigh. No, Elizabeth Warren ain’t running for president:

Me, trying to inject some sanity in latest attempt to create horserace were none exists:

“What do you mean, ‘if she doesn’t run’? She’s not running,” said Daily Kos founder Markos Moulitsas, when asked who could fill the Warren space if she herself doesn’t. “If Hillary runs, she’s the nominee. We barely got Warren to run for Senate. Running for president is an even crazier endeavor.”

Trust me with this. Elizabeth Warren isn’t running. She wasn’t an eager Senate candidate. It took lots of cajoling and begging to get her to make that race. And if you’re hesitant to mount a Senate campaign in a small state where you can go home and sleep in your bed after a day of campaigning, you aren’t going to want to engage in presidential craziness.

Nice try, but the horse has left the barn.

The horse isn’t necessarily Warren running for President, although I don’t discount that at all. Anyone who has studied her career knows she is a supreme opportunist.

No, the horse that just left the barn was the open acknowledgement of the progressive base that they don’t really want Hillary Clinton, they don’t really like her, and they feel the need for a breath of fresh air. Just like in 2008.

What difference, at this point what difference does all this Elizabeth Warren for President enthusiasm make?

A lot.


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