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Thank you Elizabeth Warren boosters for reminding us how unappealing Hillary is

Thank you Elizabeth Warren boosters for reminding us how unappealing Hillary is

There is a reason the entire left side of the nation arose with their hopes and prayers seeming to be answered as soon as Noam Scheiber raised the possibility of an Elizabeth Warren challenge to Hillary.

It was as if a great, lumbering, stale weight had been lifted from their souls.

Even if it all was just speculation without any basis in reality, the mere possibility that they would not be stuck with Hillary reminded them of that moment in Minneapolis in 2008 when the rise of the oceans began to slow and our planet began to heal.

Markos tried to calm the troops, Sigh. No, Elizabeth Warren ain’t running for president:

Me, trying to inject some sanity in latest attempt to create horserace were none exists:

“What do you mean, ‘if she doesn’t run’? She’s not running,” said Daily Kos founder Markos Moulitsas, when asked who could fill the Warren space if she herself doesn’t. “If Hillary runs, she’s the nominee. We barely got Warren to run for Senate. Running for president is an even crazier endeavor.”

Trust me with this. Elizabeth Warren isn’t running. She wasn’t an eager Senate candidate. It took lots of cajoling and begging to get her to make that race. And if you’re hesitant to mount a Senate campaign in a small state where you can go home and sleep in your bed after a day of campaigning, you aren’t going to want to engage in presidential craziness.

Nice try, but the horse has left the barn.

The horse isn’t necessarily Warren running for President, although I don’t discount that at all. Anyone who has studied her career knows she is a supreme opportunist.

No, the horse that just left the barn was the open acknowledgement of the progressive base that they don’t really want Hillary Clinton, they don’t really like her, and they feel the need for a breath of fresh air. Just like in 2008.

What difference, at this point what difference does all this Elizabeth Warren for President enthusiasm make?

A lot.


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“lumbering, stale weight”

Terrific description of Chief Tin Lizzie.

“The issue of income inequality is vital, and Hillary Clinton has not always had the right position”

In other words, she is a ThoughtCriminal, according to the true-believers of the Collective. Inadequate seething during the Two Minute Hate.

Now, Warren has SAID the right stuff…while DOING the opposite.

Which is kuhl. So long as you SAY the right stuff.

… the horse pinto has left the barn.

During President Elizabeth Warren’s third term, I look forward to visiting the William A. Jacobson Gulag and Skateboard Park in the Nevada desert.

Benghazi. Isn’t it possible the CIA was using the “outpost” in Libya to torture people? What made the ambassador go to the “outpost?” Isn’t it possible the real story is such a big stink story. Where Americans were directly involved in supporting torture, that the truth got sat upon?

Who’d find out?

When the fire fight broke out I’d bet the American personnel were taken by surprise! And, I do think scores were settled.

We had no business killing Gaddafi. And, while the American press portrayed Gaddafi as a mad man … It does seem he kept ALL the libyan factions under control.

Who was most interested in gaining a toe hold in Libya? The saud’s. Answers a lot of questions.

Yes, Libya has oil fields. Egypt does not. And, Egypt made a play for those oil fields. Which shows ya that the “gangs of Libya” kept them out.

You thought freed of Gaddafi Libya would build hotels, universities and hospitals? What would the natives do with those things?

…a choice between two bags of pig vomit!

@Carol Herman:

Much as I think that the only good things that could be said of Muammar Qaddafi were that he could be scared out of his nuclear weapons program, was probably an OK family man, and looked as if he might have been the illegitimate son of either Harpo or Chico Marx, I also think the USA was wrong to throw its support to the rebels in Libya. It was a case of settling a Cold War score with taking the Europeans’ lead while ignoring that the rebels were the same folks who’d brought us 9/11.

My own guess is that the “consulate” was set up in Benghazi as a cover to meet with the Turks about arming the Syrian rebels (another thoroughly unsavory bunch).

    Midwest Rhino in reply to Kepha H. | November 12, 2013 at 9:48 pm

    If Obamascam kills thousands of Americans, and Democrats lose large in 2014, Hillarycare and “what difference do dead Americans on my watch make” and all her other baggage, will make for an uninspiring campaign.

    But Warren is not so inspiring herself. She might get big east coast money if Hillary fizzles, but maybe it will be Dems that are pushed to running a real moderate, instead of the far leftists they always manage to push to the front of the line.

Elizabeth Likes-to-play-Indian Warren and the incompetent and downright loathsome Shrillary Shrew are two horrors the Leftist media has foisted on us.

However, I’m sure that if the Democratic little tin gods make Shrillary Shrew the presidential candidate in 2016, the Far Left base will come out to support her; and the media shills are all in place to be sure we forget her incompetence as SecState and fundamental mistrust of the First Amendment.

What they mean is that the progressive base is running an agenda in 2016 and the horse it rides upon is largely irrelevant.

I think the nat’l Dem Party will inform Warren she has vetting issues, cannot run nationally. I think they’ll have Hilary written down, but in pencil.

Who are the young Turks of the liberal wing of the Democrat Party? Do they have a bench? I’m thinking one of them catches the progDEM eye.

Supreme opportunist is right. I doubt they had to drag her into a race.

    creeper in reply to Ike1. | November 13, 2013 at 12:19 pm

    I don’t know. Maybe they did. She knew she’d lied about her Native American heritage. She may well have been afraid those lies would come out (which they did). Then the media said, “Not to worry, Lizzie. We’ve got your back.”

    I’d like to think the entire population would look more unfavorably on Warren’s lie than the flaming libs in Massachusetts but after Obama all bets are off.

>>”Trust me with this. Elizabeth Warren isn’t running. She wasn’t an eager Senate candidate. It took lots of cajoling and begging to get her to make that race.”

That’s right — trust you. What a pillock. Do these people have any relationship to truth or honesty?

It’s a foregone conclusion she’s running.

Poor Hillary. Blindsided by the articulate black man from nowhere when the cup was at her lips. Now a second time, by another woman! Oh, the bitterness!

Christie could primary Hillary, maybe have a better shot than in Republican primaries. He’s already told us he doesn’t want anything to do with smaller government tea partiers.

    Christie running as a Democrat would not surprise me one single bit. I know, I know, hard for some folks to believe …

    But what is it that makes him a Republican again?

      TMLutas in reply to JAL. | November 13, 2013 at 11:00 am

      Christie’s not my favorite in the GOP 2016 primaries right now but let’s be honest and fair. He’s pretty good on reigning in the insanity of the teacher unions. He also works pretty well on fiscal responsibility in a really difficult political environment. He also seems to be growing in the pro-life direction starting in the mid-1990s when he saw his daughter’s prenatal ultrasound.

      By giving him credit for his legitimate GOP stands, we pave the way for bridging the gap in the general election when we could use his pugnacity and fighting spirit on our side. Whether that’s supporting Jindal, Cruz, or Paul, I have no idea at this point but a unified party is better than a divided one.

Ah, the Democrats! What to do about them and their Communist enthusiasms?

Last time, they voted for a color. This time, they want to vote for a dress.

Voting for a color has been so successful for the nation, you see, you racists!

Here’s the part where I concluded that this is all misdirection and Moulitsas knows perfectly well that Warren is running for president; it was where he said, “Trust me”

As darling husband likes to say, Hillary’s appeal is her lack of appeal. We women can be very nasty to each other, and generally dislike female politicians. Palin is too perfect — large family, populist appeal and, above all, the good looks. I don’t think it’s a coincidence that she was elected governor of the state with the highest percentage of men.
Women can get behind Hillary because she’s a miserable wrench.

    Juba Doobai! in reply to edgeofthesandbox. | November 13, 2013 at 8:10 am

    Yup, we women are right bitches. The smart ones amongst us, like the women on this board, vote for women with a record of achievement, like Palin. We don’t care that she’s got better legs thane do. Not really. Er, well….

You didn’t build this website!

Hillary Weiner is a joke, and a pathetic one at that.
Along with ‘Barack Obama,’ perhaps the two biggest political frauds in American history. Contrivances, both of them.

RightWingNutter | November 13, 2013 at 2:39 am

As I recall, a gang of Libyan rebels beat Gaddafi to death. While we led from behind.

I would happily place a substantial wager at reasonable odds that neither Hillary nor Lies-Like-Dog Warren is the next Democratic nominee.

It is notoriously futile to predict the winner of an open nomination contest three years out from the election year. Go back to WWII, the conventional wisdom was either clueless or just wrong three years ahead.

AND both Clinton and Liehawatha are lousy candidates. Hillary managed to blow a sure thing to a guy with no record who voted “Present” 130 times and had a Senate attendance record that was the worst in history through four years (his last two years he had a worse record than the last two years of Strom Thurmond or Robert Byrd, both of whom spent much of that time in the hospital).

Warren spent much of her campaign for Senate making bad speeches, conducting herself poorly in interviews, losing debates, and physically running away from reporters’ questions in many cases. If you loved Uncle Joe Stalin, she’s an attractive candidate. Outside the Pinko Blue States, not so much.

    Juba Doobai! in reply to Estragon. | November 13, 2013 at 8:15 am

    I can’t help wondering how many GOP women who would not have pulled the lever for the very lovely Gov Palin will do so for Hackajawea or Shrillary, just to say they helped make history.

Hillary is not an energizing figure by any stretch of the imagination. She struggled for a sure thing in NY.

I disagree with the author’s comment that Warren
was a reluctant(if that’s the word)Senate candidate.
I agree that she’s an opportunist.

She would do a war dance in full regalia, feathers
and all, to get power.

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